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How to have a sustainable Christmas 2021

Tips to help you have a greener festive period.

As much as we absolutely love Christmas, we definitely don't love the waste that comes with it. There are so many ways to have a sustainable Christmas while still enjoying your day with your favourite people. Whether this is your first or fiftieth green Christmas, remember you are always capable of making a difference and it's never too late to start either.

Eco glitter fun wooden christmas decoration in gold and silver bio glitter

Sustainable Christmas gift ideas

What do we mean by sustainable gifting? Well, it's about choosing to buy from a source that has as little impact on the planet as possible. How do you do that? With so many options around, we know it can get confusing and overwhelming, So here are some ideas for you to try in 2021.

  1. Reduce your reliance on Amazon and large corporate brands - It's convenient, it's easy, we know, but try and swap at least one of your gifts from your usual Amazon gift to a local independent brand. Supporting just one small-owned business this year is a gift in itself.

  2. Second-hand Christmas gifts - you can find absolute wonders in charity shops or vintage boutiques, this may be the best place to find unique gifts which will make your Christmas gift extra special.

  3. Experience gifts - Maybe the best option for sustainable gifting, bar giving nothing, is the gift of experience. This can be anything from a restaurant gift card, a spa day or a cooking class. Guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face...and yours too if the gift just so happens to include two people, and one of those just happens to be you! Communicate your own eco-gift requirements - To help your loved ones get you an eco-friendly gift - simply tell them! Give them a list, give them some ideas and let them know about your desire to have a green Christmas. This way you have a bigger guarantee that your gifts will be sustainable and eco-friendly. You'll be making a change one step at a time.

  4. Shop local, independent, and small - Our favourite thing about shopping from independent, small brands is that there is so much more care and love that goes into the gifts (speaking from experience) Not only are you supporting an independent brand, you're also supporting the people that work extremely hard around this time of year. There is always a personal touch, sweat and in our case a few elf tears in our packages which is what makes them so special. Just in case you think eco glitter isn't the answer this Christmas (FYI, it's always the answer) check out our blogs Eco Glitter Fun's guide to independent vegan brands to try in 2021 and Shop Small & Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide 2020 to get even more ideas There are so many sustainable independent brands you can support, from clothes to mugs and jewelry. Here are a few of our independent business recommendations:

Tips for sustainable Christmas wrapping

Now when it comes to your wrapping paper, all you need is a touch of creativity. However convenient it is to buy wrapping paper from a shop, it's heartbreaking to think about how much ends up in landfills due to it being non-recyclable. So here are some other more eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas you can try this year.

  1. Brown paper tied with twine and a touch of glitter, simple yet satisfying.

  2. Old newspaper - put those spare papers lying around your house to good use. You'll have the funkiest wrapping paper under the tree.

  3. Recycle your own gift wrapping and ribbons

  4. Fabric wrapping paper - Very luxurious and guaranteed to wow.

As you can see, there are so many ways to get creative with wrapping paper without hurting the environment. Let us know if you have any other ideas too,, we can add them to our list.

Christmas trees for rent anyone?

Now we hope you're ready to hear the truth about plastic Christmas trees, they take 400 years to degrade and 7 million of them enter landfill every year. No lies were told here. So when you feel like your plastic Christmas tree from last year needs a replacement, think again. There are so many ways you can get festive without buying a plastic tree. If you feel like you can't go without one, we completely understand so why not try renting one? As London Christmas tree rental say, you simply rent, water and return or you can even plant one in your garden so you have your very own tree. If you're a plant lover then what's stopping you from decorating and having that as your very own tree, I can reassure you that it will be a lot more unique than others too.

DIY Christmas crackers

Our DIY crackers are a great way to teach kids fun ways to be sustainable this Christmas. Save up your toilet tubes and let your kids or young family members get creative. Using eco glitter to decorate then you can fill the cracker with your choice of gift. This is a great way to teach the younger generation how you can have a fun Green Christmas! Check out our instagram post for more details.

How to make your Christmas dinner eco-friendly

This is where the true magic happens, Christmas food. Now we don't want to sound like negative nellies but someone has to tell you. Over four million Christmas dinners are thrown away every year. Can you believe that there are people that throw away something as magical as roast potatoes? Try your best to be mindful when doing your food shopping and avoid food waste as much as you can. Having leftovers does not mean it needs to go in the bin, plan to eat your leftover Christmas food throughout the week even after Christmas. Re-heat those roasties, add a touch of oil and they'll be good as new. If you've really gone overboard then make sure you're using your compost bin this year. There are also plenty of amazing meat alternatives for Christmas dinners, have a look at BBC Vegan Christmas Recipes for some inspiration.

One change makes a big difference

We hope our tips help you to have a more sustainable Christmas in 2021. Remember, applying just one new sustainable activity each year makes a huge difference. If you have already swapped out your plastic glitter for our gorgeous eco-friendly biodegradable glitter, then you're on the right track.

Wishing you all a sustainable festive period and we will see you in the New Year - bright and sparkling guilt-free!

Need some gift ideas for eco lovers?



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