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Glittery Christmas gifts for eco lovers

We’re only 51 days away from’s not like we’re counting or anything. It’s definitely not too early to talk about the big C either. I know some of you start prepping in September. Don’t worry, there’s no shame here. We’re here to remind you of all our Christmas products that make the perfect sparkly gift!

Check out our Eco Glitter Fun Christmas shop now, or read on to see the best eco Christmas gifts and stocking fillers you will find.

The complete Christmas set of eco glitter

First up we have our popular Christmas Eco Glitter Fun set which comes boxed or in a lovely bag. Both sets include gorgeous bio glitters blends in red, green, gold, silver, blue and our special Christmas blend. Alongside our 4ml bottles, there is a bamboo brush and a pot of aloe vera gel. All you need to glitter everyone up over the Christmas period. Glitter lovers always come prepared. This is a gift that belongs under your Christmas tree.

In case you’ve forgotten, of course, all bio glitters from the Christmas set are also available separately. Perfect for you to add a 4ml bottle into a stocking or leave out for Santa, who said Santa doesn’t love to sparkle? Maybe Rudolph’s nose needs a shimmer of red bio glitter. Our favourite glitter from our set has to be the Christmas blend, you can’t blame us, look at it...

Christmas blend of Biodegradable glitter

Beautiful Christmas bioglitter Blend stocking filler

When the blend consists of gold, red and green biodegradable glitter, that’s basically Christmas in a bottle. You couldn’t possibly ask for a better blend of colours in our popular Christmas blend of Eco Glitter.

Beard eco glitter for Christmas

Eco Glitter Beard set for Christmas Gift includes red and green bioglitter

It's the thing you didn't think you need this Christmas but in fact, you now really do. Yes, it's a beard full of glitter. Not only will your beard be full of sparkles but it's red rojo standard and green verde standard bio glitter sparkles. Forget the Christmas jumper, it's all about the glitter beard. This glitter beard set comes with a bamboo toothbrush and organic almond beard oil to assist with the sparkles.

Christmas craft eco glitter sets

When it comes to crafts, you need to be able to use as much glitter as you want. This is why these craft eco glitter sets include three 8g bottles of our bio glitter. Plenty of glitter for all your Christmas activities. Choose between our Christmas eco glitter craft set that includes red rojo chunky, gold aurelie super chunky and green verde super chunky bio glitters. Or if you feel like more like an ice queen (maybe a gender-neutral term rather than saying queen) there is our Angel eco glitter craft set, that includes golden disco ball, silver disco ball and a blue frozen blend. You’re already imagining the sparkly drawing that’s going to be stuck on your fridge right? In case you’re stuck for craft ideas, we have you covered. Keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas craft blog where we’re going to show you how you can get down and glittery!

Handmade Button Earrings by Athena and Me eco glitter set

Calling all ethically made jewellery lovers, we might be biased but these earrings may be the cutest thing available in our store. You even have the option to include a 4ml bio glitter bottle to go with the earrings. If you’re participating in secret Santa with your friends this year then we obviously have you sorted. We have the earrings available in four different glitter styles which adds that dash of personalisation.

Bioglitter® Sparkle Christmas mini boxes

Sparkle mini box bioglitter set including blue and christmas blend, green and red, gold and silver optional set perfect as a Christmas stocking gift

Now you just know these belong in a stocking. We have the best bio glitter Christmas colours (yes, I won’t stop bragging about it) that are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face, even on your own. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a Christmas present, label this one with “To me, From me”. Choose from lots of combinations, and we even have our 4 for 3 offer on. Shop Frozen & Christmas blend, Verde uber disco blend & Rojo blend, Gold & silver uber disco blend and 4 for 3 bio glitter mini boxes.

Eco Glitter Fun e-vouchers

Eco Glitter Fun gift voucher

We know there are people that hate the idea of present buying and love the idea of vouchers, we can understand why. It ensures that the person will 100% love their gift (even though you can't exactly go wrong with any of our products.) Sometimes it's nice to gift someone with options. We have two evouchers. Choose from our eVoucher for anything on our online shop, or gift an Eco Glitter Makeup Artist Training Gift Voucher. Perfect for those glitter lovers who like to pick their own sparkles, or who want to up their glitter skills.

We have definitely saved the best till last. An extremely unique Christmas decoration that we adore. Hang up on your tree or whatever you like, this is the perfect addition to your Christmas trinkets. We have this available as a set or to buy separately. Our personal favourite is “I'm not weird...I’m limited edition” because it makes a great gift that you can keep all year round!

We’re just getting started, we can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit with you all! Make sure to check out our Eco Glitter Fun Christmas shop for even more products and we’ll be in contact with our glitter elves to start prepping the magic. Let the countdown begin!



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