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Eco Glitter Fun's guide to independent vegan brands to try in 2021

We love sharing our favourite brands with you, so here is a list for those doing Veganuary 2021, or for the vegan-curious.


Founded over 6 years ago by qualified Nutritionist Alicia, Lifebox is a subscription (or one-off) box delivered to your door, full of new and exciting, often small biz, vegan-friendly food, snacks and drinks. Perfect for Veganuary, as you get new things you might not find in the supermarkets delivered right to your door.

SBTRCT Moisturising Facial Balm

This one ticks lots of boxes for us, plastic-free, cruelty-free and vegan! This facial balm by SBTRCT is soft, luxurious and filled with yummy ingredients like rosehip oil and shea butter. It might be a little pricey, but just check out the reviews... it's a super product! If like us, you're always looking to switch from plastic to non-plastic, try this. You can also buy a bamboo pot to store it in. Can it be any cuter?!

Doughnut time

It might be the month of health goals and resolutions, but when the ingredients are caramel sauce, biscoff, fudge, chocolate glaze … we are listening. After the year we have all had (and continue to have) why not treat yourself to a vegan doughnut six pack, delivered to your door by UK company Doughnut Time. Go on, treat yo'elf.

The Multivitamin for Vegans

Plant-based pharmacists John and Abdul founded Vegums as they believe that pursuing a vegan or plant-based diet can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This yummy and squidgy vegan multi-vitamin is their flagship product and contains B12, B6 and D2 plus folic acid, selenium and iodine - basically a lot of good things that your body needs. The packaging is also plastic-free, bonus. You can buy a one-off batch or subscribe to never forget your vitamins again.

Eco Glitter Fun Sky set of Bioglitter SPARKLE

The list wouldn't be complete without one of our own. Our sky set of Bioglitter SPARKLE is the perfect, vegan-friendly eco glitter makeup set for this time of year. Six bottles of biodegradable glitter in wintery shades including océan standard, silver uber disco ball, golden uber disco ball, violetta standard, aqua uber disco ball and our merman blend. Remember all our Sparkle range is vegan friendly too.

Right, we are off to celebrate Veganuary by chomping on our multi-vitamin, snacking on some vegan snacks, preparing our face with moisturising balm and finishing off with a doughnut and glitter zoom party, who's with us?!

Lots of love from the Eco Glitter Fun Team

Stay safe, stay sparkly



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