hire Eco Glitter Fun.

Hire Eco Glitter Fun Makeup Artists for your Corporate Christmas Party or event - add guilt-free sparkles.

Add some eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free sparkles to your Christmas Party by hiring the creative and experienced Eco Glitter Fun team.

Areas we cover:


All over the UK and Europe.  We have a whole team of professional Eco Glitter makeup artists ready bring the sparkles to your Christmas Party!


Services we offer:


Glitter Stations, Glitter Bars, Glitter Stands, Roaming Glitter Artists, Glitter Artists, and Eco Glitter Supplies to ensure your Christmas Party or event is fabulously sparkly.

We are:

Highly experienced

Fully insured

Professionally trained

Highly dependable

Honest and open

Fun, friendly and sparkly people

We promise to sprinkle gorgeous guilt-free glitter all over your next event to make it extra special


COVID Safety Measures:

NOTE: We are COVID-19 prepared with PPE and social distance in place to make sure you have a safe, guilt-free FABULOUS sparkly Christmas party. Read more