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Christmas gifts for Glitter Lovers, The 2019 Guide

Mirror Mirror on the wall, what's the sparkliest gift of them all?

We have scoured the lands far and wide, and we just cannot find anything as sparkly as our very own, guilt-free sparkles. We may be biased, but we think you’ll agree when we remind you of all the Biodegradable Glitter sets, kits and colours we have ready for you, just in time for Christmas!

You better get your order in quick, as our glitter gift sets are already in high demand by the big man himself, Santa. As soon as the Elves heard about our updated Christmas Glitter set and our new colours, they were straight on the phone to place a huge order of sets. They specifically wanted some of our red eco glitter, rojo, (available in our Christmas set) to add some extra sparkle to Rudolph’s nose.

What new Christmas gifts for glitter lovers do we have this year?

This year we have updated eco glitter sets, added new sets, introduced new colours, introduced flowers and we even have gift vouchers! Plenty of fun Christmas gifts ideas for glitter lovers all over the globe.

NEW Eco Glitter shades

Our 2019 autumn glitter range is full of sumptuous shades which will be sure to keep you warm on the frosty days and nights to come. The range includes roze goud, brulee, playa gold and café au lait– perfect shades to add a classy sass to winter glitter makeup looks.

NEW The ‘gift voucher’ to rival all gift vouchers

Not sure what glitter your glitter lover wants?

We don’t blame you, we’ve spoilt you for choice. Enter, the Eco Glitter Fun Gift Voucher… Say goodbye to boring gift vouchers, we have the ultimate gift voucher which is guaranteed to knock the socks off any glitter lover, it’s the gift voucher to rival all gift vouchers. Choose from amounts starting from £5 up to £200 - yes, we can definitely spend £200 on glitter, who couldn’t?!

Glitter Artist Training Gift Vouchers

What do you get the glitter lover that has it all?

Expert professional Glitter Artists Training that’s what! With this Glitter Artist Training Gift Voucher, they can save it and choose their own date when they are ready. Vouchers come in £50 or £100 options, giving you the opportunity to pay for half, or the full cost of one space on one of our fun and professional glitter artist training courses. Vouchers are printed and posted to you in a presentation box, the £100 voucher comes with a cute bottle of 8g eco glitter. You could even buy two spaces, one for you and one for them!

Face Florals by Hanna Webb

We’ve teamed up with Hanna Webb, whose mission it is to ‘Transform every face into a stunning, botanical masterpiece’. Hanna Webb creates intricate and beautiful pressed blooms suitable for your beautiful face. Hand grown in the UK, these pressed face flowers can be applied using Conchus Life Miracle Balm. Couple up with our eco glitter and you have a match made in heaven. All packaging is made from recycled cardboard and they are 100% natural, 100% plastic-free, Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free.

Eco Glitter Sets & Kits

All our sets (bagged) & kits (boxed), come with our vegan aloe vera glitter application gel and bamboo glitter application brush. Below we will run through our Christmas gift ideas for 2019.

  • Christmas Set/Kit of Biodegradable Glitter - All your festive glitter needs are covered with this set, from panto sparkles, party eyes to sparkles on your Christmas cards.

  • Sky Set/Kit of Biodegradable Glitter - This heavenly set is still one of our best sellers. Sent from the sky, it promises to bring smiles to whoever it's gifted to.

  • Pinky Set/Kit of Biodegradable Glitter - Everything looks better in pink, especially when it sparkles. Our pinky set is always in high demand, it’s a 100% guaranteed to bring sparkly joy to your glitter lover.

  • Metallic Set/Kit of Biodegradable Glitter - Subtle and classy more your style? This glitter set has been updated with all standard sized grains, which we find are perfect for adding a subtle sparkle to your usual party makeup. An essential New Year’s Eve makeup addition.

  • Eco Glitter Blends Set/Kit of Biodegradable Glitter - Our blend sets standing strong and sparkling more than they have ever sparkled before. We switched out a few colours so this set now contains our latest editions, lollipop and Studio 54.

  • Craft Glitter sets - Hand-selected by our glitter angels, these sets are for the crafty ones on your Christmas gift list. Updated with new blends and colours.

  • Pure Set of Biodegradable Glitter - New in 2019, these shades are subtle and almost translucent. An essential addition to your glitter collection. Mix and match with the other shades to add depth and complexity to your glitter makeup looks.

So that’s our Christmas gift guide 2019 for Glitter lovers, Plastic Free warriors and Eco-Conscious peeps all over the globe.

Choose wisely this Christmas, Choose Eco Glitter Fun


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