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Halloween makeup ideas 2020

We might not be allowed out to party this year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dial up the spookiness in other ways like; getting your ghoul on at your Home bubble and trouble Halloween party, showcasing the spook at your socially distance dining experience or simply delivering spine chilling looks to your socials.

This year, to spark your inspiration, we asked our talented Eco Glitter Fun Ambassadors to create some freaky Halloween makeup looks for you. Take a look below.

Minimal mime

Dorottya (@dorottya.mua) shows off her clean, simple but perfect mime makeup. Using our merry-go-round biodegradable glitter blend and opal pure blends to add the final, silent but deadly, pop to her look.

Pumpkin peril

Chuck (@chuckthemakeupartist) packs a punch with this Spooktacular pumpkin makeup look. Using our nero black biodegradable glitter to add a subtle glint and some verde green to the pumpkins green trails.

Out of this world

Hayley McCourt (@mua_hay) is sending us right out of this world with her outer space-themed Halloween looks. Using our merry-go-round glitter blend to add a cosmic glow to her looks. The skull uses our aurelie uber chunky gold glitter to add some spook.

Vampire dreams

Tonee (@makeupbytonee) shows off his excellent skills with this gorgeous vampire makeup look. In these shots we see how he is transformed from white wonder to venomous vampire. Tonee uses our rojo red eco glitter on his eyes and lips.

Get your HALLOWEEN Glitter sets

Oranges, blood reds, ghoulish greens, purples and blacks - we have all you need to add some sparkle to your Halloween makeup looks.

We love a throwback, so here are our looks from over the years’.

Do you like to unleash your mischievous streak at Halloween? If you do, this spooky clown look is something that you’ll very much enjoy. Join the spooky circus this year and indulge in the mayhem. Learn the look here

As homage to the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival (known as Día de los Muertos) the creative team at Eco glitter Fun and talented partners created this amazing look - the Eco Glitter Sugar Skull. Learn the look here

Our freakishly talented creative team managed to deliver this amazing ‘White Witch’ look. Our enchanting model, Amber Smith, carries it off wonderfully. So wonderfully in fact, that the photographer’s 10 Persian cats seemed to gather around her like a shrine. Learn the look here

Explore your darker side and recreate this dark fallen angel Halloween look. Our model Amber Smith looks breathtaking and harnesses just the right amount of naughty. Learn the look here

This amazing glitter skull makeup look was created by one of our talented eco glitter customers(left). The Pixie Tribe, one of our partners in crime and a great customer – created this unique glitter skull design for Halloween, which we absolutely love(right). Learn the looks here

Now what are you waiting for? Choose your eco glitter and get spooky with your guilt-free sparkles...


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