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New product alert and it's a MUST SEE!

Now we know we aren't meant to have favourites but we won't tell if you don't...

The rumours are true, holographic eco glitter has landed and we are obsessed. Just in time for summer, we are ready to sparkle more than ever! Now let's run through all the new products so we make sure you haven't missed out on any new comers.

First up is Argento

A round of applause welcome to our first new holographic glitter Argento! Available in chunky, super chunky, uber chunky and uber discoball, a blend of all three glorious grains. We are blown away by the sparkles, holographic glitter shines best when the sun hits it so get ready to be amazed as soon as summer hits!

Under The Sea and Tinkerbell

Yes, we did want to give you more reason to be obsessed with our new holographic glitters by giving them the best names ever. Under The Sea and Tinkerbell? We need all of it, everywhere. Under the sea is filled with blue and green sea side vibes where as Tinkerbell is definitely a sprinkle of magic with a dash of pinkish tones.

Incase you just need it all..

Obviously we know how amazing these eco holographic glitters look together and having them together was a MUST. Also, how can you possible pick between them all?! We have a 3 piece box kit including Tinkerbell, Under The Sea and Argento Uber Disco Ball or we have a power duo, a mini box including Tinkerbell and Under The Sea.

How is it eco-friendly?

This range of eco holographic glitter has been tested through the TUV Austria Science lab. This is a lab that tests eco friendly products to ensure they meet industry specific standards and emphasises on the certification of biodegradability. TUV Austria have awarded bioglitter HOLO with the prestigious OK biodegradable certification and is the only eco friendly holographic on the market.

It's even better knowing we get to sparkle with glitter that is ethnically and sustainably sourced. It's derived from natural materials which is what makes it eco friendly!

Holographic glitter looks..yes please!

We hope you're just obsessed as we are with our new holographic eco glitter range, we're excited to see many more looks! If you'd like to get some ideas on how to get creative with our glitter, our eco glitter queen Sophie is holding online lessons on zoom. If you're about in Brighton, we have a glitter artist training course on the 21st of May. Whether you're aspiring to be a glitter make up artist or just love glitter, please come along and join!



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