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Day of the Dead Glitter Sugar Skull makeup from Eco Glitter Fun

As homage to the ‘Day of the Dead’ festival (known as Día de los Muertos) the creative team at Eco glitter Fun and talented partners created this amazing look - the Eco Glitter Sugar Skull...

The Eco Glitter Sugar Skull

Our gorgeous model, Hayley Leggs can be seen wearing a Soemi Designs headdress, which is drenched in delicious deep red and black roses with a skull showcasing in the centre. The glitter sugar skull makeup, applied by the talented Mazz Hannah, is infused with a mix of our red and black bio glitters – rojo standard, nero standard and nero super chunky. We think that this glitter sugar skull look is a real show stopper.

This festive and colorful Mexican holiday takes place between October 31 and November 2 and is often lumped together with Halloween, but they are two distinct holidays. Halloween stems from the idea that the spirits were malevolent, whereas in Day of the Dead festivities, the spirits are joyfully welcomed! Due to its importance as a defining aspect of Mexican culture this indigenous festival is recognised by UNESCO as part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

A popular look, and one of our personal favourites, is the sugar skull – which is why we dedicated a whole day’s photo shoot to it! This iconic Day of the Dead look is popular amongst all genders and all ages and usually achieved by using a mix of makeup and face paints. Obviously for us, we HAVE to add some guilt free sparkles with our biodegradable glitters!

Add some eco glitter to your ‘Day of the Dead’ look this year.

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Credits and links:

Eco Glitter Fun Biodegradable glitters: rojo standard, nero standard, nero super chunky

Photographer: Lydia King

Assistant: Martin Barry, Noemi Lamanna

Models, Hayley Leggs

HMUA: Mazz Hannah

Stylist: Sophie Awdry

Headdresses: Soemi Designs


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