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Stuck for Galentine's Ideas?

All in on celebrating Valentine's with your best friend, dog, loved one, even yourself! Who said Valentine's day was only for couples? not us. There are no rules when it comes to Valentine's and if there is, we aren't listening. Our favourite version of Valentine's is definitely Galentine's day, it even sounds better. .

What is Galentine's Day?

Celebrated on February 13, a day dedicated to celebrating friendships in all forms! Partner or no partner, any excuse to show some extra love to your best friend. If you're curious on how Galentine's came about then all we have to say is - Parks and Recreation, Series 2, episode 16 ( We just gave you a Galentine's day activity)

Our top 6 Galentine's date ideas to do with your besties:

  • Fun at home! Dress up in your favourite festival outfit, apply those eco friendly sparkles (we suggest pinky set) and have yourself a day filled of food and love.

  • Movie night, put on your favourite chick flick movie or your fav horror! Like we said, no rules here!

  • Secret Cupid exchange - This is a great idea when you're spending Galentine's with a group of friends. Heard of Secret Santa? then you get the idea! Our eco glitter favs listed below.

  • Bake off, spend your day competing on who can make the best cake then eat it together. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

  • Dance or art class, get your creative juices flowing!

  • Cocktail date or a fancy brunch... maybe even both.

Our top 5 Eco Friendly Galentine's gift ideas:

Check out our Galentine's day products to see what kind of sparkles you can spoil your best friends with. From earrings to lip/eye kits, we hope our eco friendly gift makes their day extra special! Use code GALENTINES10 for 10% off till the 13th of February.


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