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Spooky circus Halloween makeup ideas

Halloween makeup ideas 2018 from Eco Glitter Fun

It’s that time of year again we love as much as any other, Halloween. What will you unleash this year? We’ve been running away with ideas, but we ‘lion’ tamed our thoughts and went with a spine tingling spooky Circus Theme.

Roll up, roll up, the spooky circus is in town!

This year our Halloween photoshoot consisted of spooky clowns and skeleton ring masters.. read on to find out how you can replicate the looks. To complete each one you'll need some of our Halloween inspired eco glitters.

Spooky Halloween Clown Do you like to unleash your mischievous streak at Halloween? If you do, this spooky clown look is something that you’ll very much enjoy. Join the spooky circus this year and indulge in the mayhem.

spooky clown for halloween glitter makeup ideas

Replicate this Halloween makeup look by using:

  • Aurelie standard (Gold glitter)

  • Ocean standard (turquoise/blue glitter)

  • Verde (Green glitter)

  • Rojo standard (Red glitter)

  • Rosa scuro standard (Pink glitter)

  • Black face paint to create the lines

  • A fabulous clown outfit (models own) a bunched hair do and a cheeky smirk (models own) to finish the look.

Credits (insta): Glitter, Model @lauraliquor, HMUA @the_pixie_tribe, Director @martin_barry_design, Photographer @mattinrichmomd

Skeleton Ring Master More of a leader? Tune into your inner Circus Ring Master and add a spine chilling skeleton twist. Lead your kooky and spooky circus gang effortlessly through your Hallows Eve celebrations.

Replicate this Halloween makeup look by using:

  • Bela chunky (white glitter)

  • Nero standard (black glitter)

  • White and black face paint to create the lines and detail

  • A fabulous top hat and suit (models own) complete with scary stare (models own)

Credits: Glitter, Model @thebeardedniall, HMUA @the_pixie_tribe, Director @martin_barry_design, Photographer @mattinrichmomd

Vampire blood red lips

It’s not circus themed but we love these vampire blood inspired glitter lips by @makeupzonenet (insta) using our rojo standard red glitter. An elegant, dynamic look to deliver the perfect blood red pout at Halloween.

red glitter lips, eco glitter fun by @makeupzonenet

More Halloween makeup ideas …

Throw back to last year’s Halloween shoots and looks too - White Witch Glitter Makeup, Dark Fallen Angel Halloween Makeup, Glitter Skull Makeup, Glitter Pumpkins and a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. See them below and read more about our 2017 Halloween glitter makeup ideas!

White Witch Glitter Makeup

Dark Fallen Angel Halloween Makeup

Glitter Skull Makeup, Silver and Black

Glitter skull makeup for halloween using Eco Glitter

Glitter Skull Makeup, Mixed Colours

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