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A new gift voucher to rival all gift vouchers... GLITTER VOUCHER!

NEW The Eco Glitter Fun Gift eVoucher - vouchers just got real

Eco Glitter Fun launches new ‘Gift eVouchers’, the voucher to rival all Christmas gift eVouchers! Available in values from £5 to £200 and redeemable against anything in our online shop. Give the gift of choice’ to your glitter lover this year.

When we launched our Gift eVoucher we did a bit of research into the history of gift vouchers. What can we say, we like to do things properly and we love a good story…

Did you know...

You probably didn’t, but the first ‘gift certificates’ were invented in the 1930s by major department stores and were only sold to selected people upon request. In the 1970s, McDonalds was the next to launch a voucher scheme, which boomed and brought it to the attention of the world. In 1994, the certificate evolved into the gift card, sold by Neiman Marcus. However, Blockbuster were the ones to put the gift card on the map, as they openly promoted the sale of gift cards, and that’s when things got serious. The next big move was by Starbucks, in 2001 who introduced reusable cards. The rest of the world then followed, and now gift vouchers and cards are a huge part of our gifting culture.

Enter ‘Eco Glitter Fun’ in 2019, casually taking the gift voucher to the next level….

Our ‘Gift eVouchers’ allow you to give the gift of ‘choosing’ your own glitter. Part of the fun of shopping with Eco Glitter Fun is choosing the eco glitter itself. So by giving an Eco Glitter Fun eVoucher you are adding some sparkly fun to your gift in an instance.

So, What glitter lover needs their craft box topped up? Whose inner diva needs unleashing?

Will you be the key to unlocking someone’s sparkle this Christmas?

You know what to do…

REMEMBER: Please gift responsibly this Christmas, not only with sustainable eco-friendly gifts - check out our 2019 Christmas gift guide, vegan Christmas gift guide, and plastic-free Christmas gift guide – but by not over-consuming and gifting for gift's sake.


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