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Eco friendly Christmas crafts for kids

It's the most wonderful time of the year!...and we're here to provide you with some eco-friendly crafts ideas for a Green Christmas. These crafts are suitable for children 4 years+ with parental assistance and for any adults that enjoy getting crafty around Christmas too! These crafts will take about 5-10 minutes, with minimal mess and of course, biodegradable glitter for some extra fun and sparkles. They're 12 steps or less and provide plenty of festive filled fun, having a Green Christmas is super important to us and we love being able to teach children how to be environmentally friendly and cautious when it comes to waste.

Christmas tree craft

What a better way to start off your Christmas craft then with your very own sparkle filled Christmas tree. Using this tutorial, this craft was satisfying and very simple!

Sustainable Christmas red bioglitter kids and craft Christmas tree

What you'll need:


  1. Cut a square piece of green paper and fold in half

  2. Create strips with the scissors by cutting along the green paper

  3. Open it up and we're halfway to your Christmas tree!

  4. Cut baubles from white paper by making circular motions and put aside

  5. Fold strips of green paper inwards and glue down to create the final look of your tree

  6. Now admire it!

  7. Create your tree star with aurelie super chunky by applying glue to the top of the tree then dust with eco glitter

  8. Stick on your baubles however you like on your tree

  9. Place glue on the baubles and brush the cerise glitter on your baubles

  10. Blue tack your wooden stick at the back and TA DA! Place your tree wherever you like

Santa Christmas Craft

Sustainable Christmas kids and crafts bioglitter red and menta Santa Claus

This craft is definitely one of our favourites. A Santa ornament that is a MUST. It’s adorable, super fun and takes minutes! You can follow a tutorial for tips and tricks

What you'll need:


  1. Cut a circle in your white paper using a glass

  2. Paint the circle and set aside for it to dry

  3. Cut a red circle, fold it in half and cut along the folded line

  4. Glue the red circle onto your previous circle. This will be your Santa hat!

  5. Cut a white strip to add to the bottom of your Santa hat

  6. Cut out a red circle and stick on Santa's face You've just got yourself a nose.

  7. Use the black marker to create any type of eyes you like

  8. Cut out a few white circles, add glue and pour glitter onto the circles

  9. Stick the white circles on the bottom of Santa's face to make a glittery beard

  10. Give Santa a glittery hat, apply glue onto the red paper and pour cerise eco glitter

  11. Carefully pierce a hole and thread some twine through.

  12. Santa is ready to go!

Elf Christmas Craft

It’s not Christmas without a sparkly elf. We know Santa steals the show but the elves deserve some credit too.

What you'll need:


  1. Paint your paper plate and sent aside to try

  2. Cut out your pointy elf ears and paint. Leave to dry so you can stick them on later

  3. Use your white paper to cut out a triangular shaped elf hat

  4. Cover the hat with glue and dust with your verde eco glitter

  5. Glue your hat onto the top of your plate

  6. Now for the Pom poms! Make your elf hat festive by applying these on the bottom side and one for the tip of the hat.

  7. Now to bring your elf to life. Draw eyes of your choice and a cheeky smile too

  8. Glue each ear to the side of the plate

  9. Dip your medium sized brush in a colour of your choice to give your elf some circular rosy cheeks

  10. Cut some triangles out, apply glue and dust with cerise eco glitter

  11. Turn your triangles upside down and stick them next to each other on the bottom of the plate. Now your elf has a festive collar too!

  12. Your elf is now ready to join the Christmas party

Tag us!

Make sure to tag us in your creative bioglitter filled posts as we love to see what you get up to during the festive seasons. We hope we've sparked some inspiration for you to have some glittery fun this Christmas. Check out our previous blog on how to have an eco friendly filled Christmas too.

New Year’s Eve sparkles

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