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New Year's Eve eco glitter anyone?

2021 has flown by and we're grateful for all the support you have given to us this year. You're the reason we're still able to spread the plastic-free message globally with the help of our bio glitter. We're thankful to every single one of you. Let's wave good-bye to 2021 and hello to 2022 together in style with a sprinkling of guilt-free sparkles. To help you get in the mood, here are some fabulous party inspired glitter makeup creations from our talented customers.

Eco Friendly sparkles sunset makeup look

A little glitter goes a long way as Mozidah has shown us , perfectly. using touches of aurelie standard, this glitter makeup look is simple and sometimes that's exactly what you need. Mozidah says the yellow stands for "the sun rising and a new day to come" so let's put 2021 to rest, get that eco glitter out and let's celebrate the only way we know how to, with glitter.

Eco friendly gold glitter make up look for new years eve

Steal the show with eco friendly glitter

Bold and fierce is exactly what Gabby has given us with this beautiful eco glitter look. Using all the standard grains from our metallic set (here's a tip, f you're creating a glitter look that's prominently on your eyelids, make sure to use fine glitter) You will definitely be stealing the show this New Year's Eve with a look like Gabby's.

All that eco glitters is gold

Anna is giving us all the right vibes for 2022. Using aurelie super chunky plus the fiercest eyeliner around, what more could you possibly need in this look. You could say we're a little bit obsessed with how amazing this looks!

Anything is possible with eco glitter

As much as we adore our gold and silver eco glitter looks for New Year's Eve, sometimes colour is exactly what we need. We have all the options for you! What a better combination than our rosa pink standard combined with amethyst standard. This look is simple and quick so you can apply the sparkles in minutes and start the celebrations as soon as possible. All you need is glitter, aloe vera and a brush, you'll be ready to go in no time. Friendly reminder that glitter is for everyone (above the age of 3) and it isn't just for makeup looks either. It can be applied to your hair, your beard, body and even decorations! You name it, we'll most likely say yes.

Eco friendly new years eve make up look using beautiful purple and pink bio glitter

2022 in 3..2..1…

We hope 2022 is filled with everything you could hope for and we'll see you soon! Continue to support small business and shopping locally, you're making a great difference by supporting the eco industry. We'll be back open on the 6th of January continuing to send all the bio glitter your way.

Love and sparkles from the Eco Glitter Fun team!


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