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Eco Glitter Fun's guilt-free sparkles at Carnaby Street’s stunning ‘Project Zero’ Christmas lights

Dreaming of a plastic free ocean?

London’s Carnaby Street has always played a big role in the social, cultural and political history of the UK. Not too surprising then, that the street has chosen a bold and thought-provoking theme for their Christmas light installation this year.

The street’s stunning One Ocean One Planet installation was switched on last night, and man were we PROUD to be there taking part in the action. As ever, Eco Glitter Fun were there to support the eco-cause we care so much about, glittering faces for free, and sharing the happy news that it is possible to indulge in a bit of festival sparkle without swilling bucket loads of stifling microplastics into the sea.

The installation is all about raising the profile of Project Zero – a global movement that’s dedicated to protecting the world’s crisis-stricken oceans.

Take a night-time trip and you’ll see how the talented production team has used different sections of this iconic Street to represent areas of the ocean in need of conservation, starting with a floating kelp ‘forest’, through bright pink coral and ending in the deep sea.

If you’re thinking this doesn’t sound very festive, think again. The display is BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful! And let’s face it there are plenty (too many!) places you can go and see illuminated Christmas puddings and inflatable Santa’s over the holidays. If you really want to teach your kids something about the true meaning of the season, get yourself down to Soho and take in Carnaby Street’s gloriously off-beat (yet on the nose) take on Christmas lights.

As ever, the products we took along to show people were eco-friendly– featuring a veritable rainbow of biodegradable glitters, all in recycled, plastic free packaging. Safe to say the crowds loved it.

What’s to sea?

Take a stroll under a 5m long whale that blows real bubbles and his pals a swordfish, dolphin, turtle and hammerhead shark, plus several shoals of glimmering fish, 6 giant clusters of jellyfish and no less than 200 illuminated vampire squids taking over Foubert’s Place!

Of course, sustainability is at the heart of the installation with every element using recycled and reusable materials including; repurposed fishing netting for the green kelp, over 500m of post-use bubble wrap repurposed for coral and over 1,500 recycled plastic bottles for fish and bubbles. 100% cotton fabrics and over 100L of water-based eco-friendly, vegan paint have also been used for this world-first installation.

The overall effect is STUNNING and highly thought-provoking, reminding us that by being more conscious about what we buy and use, we can all play a part in protecting our oceans from the attacks of climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution.

Carnaby we’re proud of you for using your iconic status to drive home these crucial messages. Thank you for having us along for the ride.


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