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Easy Glitter Makeup Ideas for Christmas and New Year from Eco Glitter Fun

Eco Glitter Fun's easy glitter makeup looks, the star

Mulled wine, Baubles, Reindeer, Elves and Eco Glitter – just some of the essentials you need to get you through Christmas and New Year. We can’t help you with all of those things but we can give you some super easy glitter makeup ideas!

This year we‘ve teamed up with the guys from Beyond Retro, Dazzle & Jolt and Nickat to bring you some funky fresh festive looks.

Check out our three eco glitter looks below; Golden Goddess, Star Gazer and Glitter of the Ball.

Golden Goddess

Eco Glitter Fun's easy glitter makeup looks, gold glitter eyes

To achieve goddess vibes we went for golden glitter eyes and glitter lips. Here’s a brief guide to help you achieve the look too.

  1. For the glitter lips we used our aurelie fine biodegradable glitter, its light, shimmery and soft on the lips.

  2. We used Lush Ultra Balm as a lip base, and then dabbed on the fine gold glitter.

  3. Fine is best to use on the lips as it covers the area better and stays on longer.

  4. Moving onto the glitter eyes, we use our vegan aloe vera gel as a base, then we applied golden disco ball eco glitter to the inside corners and under the eye area.

  5. On the eye lid is Aurelie fine.

  6. Finish off the with a scatter of aurelie uber chunky glitter carefully placed around the outside edges using tweezers/fingers/small fine brush, above the check bone to make the look pop.

Our Golden Goddess’s sequin top and cozy winter white hat are both vintage pieces from Beyond Retro – who have the most amazing range of vintage sequins.

Star Gazer

Eco Glitter Fun's easy glitter makeup looks, the star

Shine like a star by creating this cute star glitter eye makeup design. To achieve the look simply;

  1. We used our golden disco ball blend of biodegradable glitter as it is the perfect combination of fine, standard and chunky gold glitter.

  2. Blended glitter is a really easy way to create a textured glitter look.

  3. First, apply our vegan aloe vera gel in the shape of the star around the eye, we did it in triangles, then fill in the eye lid and under eye area.

  4. You can even use make up tape to get some sharp lines.

  5. Compliment the other side by applying a light under eye line, glitter eye brow or glitter eye lids.

  6. We added some golden disco ball to some Verb Ghost Hair serum. This gives Amalia a glittery shimmer to her hair without looking too much.

Glitter of the Ball

Eco Glitter Fun's easy glitter makeup looks, the star

This might be our favourite look of them all, the Glitter of the Ball. Love the half-moon? Well, this is the New Years’ version. A silver infused design which fits the eye and the side of the face perfectly.

To recreate this look;

  1. All you need is some makeup tape or a steady hand to create the shape in aloe vera gel – then apply vanna fine glitter to the edges to create the shape.

  2. Fill in the shape around the eye with vanna fine.

  3. Then pad out towards the edge with sparkly disco ball and silver uber disco ball glitter.

  4. Compliment the other eye by applying a light under eye line, glitter eye brow or glitter eye lids in your choice of our silver shades of eco glitter.

  5. Lightly dab some vanna fine to the centre of you top and bottom lip, so it gently dusts the surface.

Oh and the outfit … our Glitter of the Ball is wearing the ‘Ride of your life’ playsuit, designed by super talented Jess Holt and manufactured in the UK by her company, Dazzle & Jolt. If you love colour, leggings, playsuits and more like we do – you need to check out their website.

The insane glitter ball headdress is bespoke from Soemi Designs (founded by our very own co-founders Sophie & Noemi!), check them out on instagram The necklace & earrings are laser cut and hand made by Nickat.

Add some eco glitter to your ‘Christmas & New Year’s Party’ look this year.

Credits and links

  • Photographer: Matthew Parkinson

  • Creative Director: Martin Barry

  • HMUA: Sophie Awdry & Noemi Lamanna, Eco Glitter Fun

The Gold Glitter looks

The Silver Glitter looks:


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