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PURE Opal, our iridescent eco glitter range

luminous and iridescent eco glitter range from eco glitter fun

We can't believe the day has arrived, as you may know, a few years ago, plastic-free iridescent glitter was nothing but a dream.

Well, that dream has just become a reality...

Introducing our PURE Opal range, it's deliciously iridescent and 100% plastic-free. Our lovely Eco Glitter Fun advocate @Ameenaroshaè showcases (in the banner above) our PURE Opal rosa iridescent glitter as falling tears, we are in love.

Five things we love about our iridescent eco glitter range, PURE Opal:

  1. PLASTIC FREE - It's 100% plastic-free and comes in plastic-free packaging.

  2. BIODEGRADABLE - It degrades (in the natural environment) in 4 weeks.

  3. VEGETARIAN & CRUELTY-FREE - suitable for vegetarians and like all our products totally cruelty-free.

  4. IRIDESCENT Colours - Three shades and one blend of luminous, iridescent glitter that shimmers and appears to change colour when the light hits those angles.

  5. SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT - All our glitter is soft, but the PURE Opal range is super soft and lightweight.

Check out our full range of iridescent glitters

If you want the full PURE Opal colour range of iridescent eco glitters you need to get your hands our heaven blends set. This set includes six 4ml bottles of menta blend, rosa blend, aqua blend, vivid framboise uber disco ball, bubble gum blend & milky way blend. This set also includes a 10ml pot of vegan aloe vera application gel, linen bag, bamboo application brush and a 'how to apply' card.


Our galactic Milky Way blend of iridescent Bioglitter® PURE OPAL combines aqua, rosa and menta iridescent glitter shades.


Our bloomin' lovely rosa shade of pink iridescent glitter comes in super chunky and an easy-to-use, festival ready blend.


Our wavy aqua iridescent glitter comes in three options; super chunky, uber chunky and a blend.


Our cool menta shade of green iridescent glitter comes in super chunky, uber chunky and a blend.

Add a lustrous glow to your looks

This iridescent glitter makeup range is a must-have addition to your festival glitter or MUA glitter kit. Mix and match, combine our SPARKLE and PURE ranges to make stunning, sparkly and luminous face and hair designs.

Like all of our glitters, it's cosmetic grade and suitable for application on the face, hair, body and for use in crafts.


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