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Monthly Eco Glitter Subscription live!

We know what you want, uninterrupted, fuss-free Eco Glitter delivered to your door every month. So here you go… as you wish, the Eco Glitter Fun Subscription service!

To launch we have a SPECIAL OFFER: First 50 subscribers get a GIFT!*

I’ve heard enough, I’m signing up now.

How much does this monthly glitter subscription cost?

It’s is ONLY £10 per month (excluding postage, this will be added on at checkout). When we tell you what you get for £10, you’ll have no choice but to sign up on the spot!

What’s included in my monthly glitter subscription?

Every month you are subscribed, you will get at least £17 worth of guilt-free, high quality Eco Glitter Fun products. Let’s just read that again… AT LEAST…so some months it could be more.

What products will be in my glitter subscription?

Our glitter subscription has four 'product type' options to choose from. This means you will get this type of product every month. Choose from;

  1. BioGlitter SPARKLE (vegan)

  2. BioGlitter PURE

  3. BioGlitter SPARKLE & PURE Mix

  4. BioGlitter Mix & Goodies (mix it up with eco glitter and other eco glitter fun products from our store)

What extra perks do I get from being subscribed?

On top of you getting £17 worth of products for just £10 (excluding postage), you also get first access to new products, keeping you one step-ahead in the eco glitter game.

We are even going to send you ‘subscriber only’ promotions such as discount codes or free gifts when introducing a friend to the subscription.

How long does the glitter subscription last?

Our die-hard Eco Glitter Fun lovers can choose the forever plan, which means it rolls over until you have had enough glitter, which we know would never happen. Or you can choose 3, 6, 9 or 12 months rolling subscriptions. It’s up to you.

How do I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel at any time, even if you have not finished your subscription, simply email us at and we will cancel your subscription. See full Ts & Cs.

WOW .. where do I sign up?

We hear ya, it’s a glittery steal.

SIGN UP to the ECO GLITTER FUN Subscription here. The first 50 sign-ups get a free gift!

Quick Facts about our Glitter Subscription:

  • Cost: £10 a month (excluding delivery)

  • Monthly package includes: At least £17 worth of Eco Glitter Goodies, Access to new products first, surprise promotions and gifts

  • Subscription term: Choose from 3, 6 or 9 months or keep it going

  • Ts & Cs: Cancel any time before your next monthly package is posted out. No discounts or promotions are allowed to be used. You’re already getting a sparkly deal! Eco Glitter Fun reserve the right to remove any which have been accidentally added.


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