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Halloween Glitter Makeup looks 2021

It's gonna be a great Halloween, I can feel it in my bones! The time has come for us to share our newest Halloween looks and we are beyond thrilled with the outcomes. Seeing our talented creators work their magic with our glitter is our favourite part of this holiday. You could even say some of us prefer Halloween over Christmas but let's not get into the debate and dive straight into our talented makeup Artists and Ambassadors.

So we begin...

Skeleton halloween glitter make up look with black nero and red rojo bio glitter

Fiona (@F_artface) has blown us away with this chilling but memorising look. Using our rojo chunky and nero bioglitter Halloween mini box our black and red glitter combination will have you looking the perfect amount of spooky. From the dripping red glitter tears to the blacked out glitter eye, we're ready for Halloween to begin.

Halloween make up look with black nero and white bela bio glitter

Simple yet so effective, Melissa (@Makeupbyfeebz) uses our bela chunky and nero bioglitter Halloween mini box beautifully. Unzipping into a layer of glitter. Sometimes you don't need layers of fake blood, just one layer of fang-tastic bioglitter.

Throughout October, Melissa is also raising money for BLM UK. An activist organization and movement for racial and social justice within the Uk. Check them out on insta @blmuk. Her aim is to raise £1000 by selling 100 pairs of eyelashes. We love this charity and you can show your support by buying a pair of her luscious lashes here (

close up of eye make up look with purple amethyst and verde discoball green bio glitter

Although we love spooky looks, sometimes we also like to keep it casual with just a touch of sparkle. Pietu (@Kettuprinsi) creates this beautiful look using our verde discoball and amethsyst bioglitter Halloween glitter mini box. Pieti always creates the best eyeshadow looks, we are so lucky to have someone so skilled working with our bio glitters.

Cruella Deville has arrived and we are OBSESSED. Who knew Deville just needed some verde discoball glitter in her life? Priah (@Makeup_by_priah) has left us speechless and given us the need to dress up asap. No puppies were harmed in the making of this look (obviously).

You didn't think we wouldn't create a look using our newest addition did you? Our Goblin Spice blend would never be left out. The purple, orange and white blend of eco glitter can be added to any Halloween look. Whether you're a creepy cat or a wicked werewolf. If you're worried about not knowing how to be precise when it comes to using glitter, micropore tape is your best friend. I taped it above my eye, added our aloe vera and within 10 minutes, I was done and more importantly stress free! I simply brushed it under my eye with my finger then applied our balm to my lips before using a brush to dab it onto my lips. Ready for Halloween!

Witch-ing you a Happy Halloween!

We hope you have an amazing time, reminder that glitter isn't just for looks and can even be involved in Halloween arts and crafts for your kids! Creativity does wonders. Make sure you tag us any time you use our bio glitters. Shop our Halloween collection while there's still time.


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