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Get to know the creators behind Eco Glitter Fun...

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a business and what it's like being an entrepreneur? If you were ever curious on what goes on behind the scenes of our Eco Glitter Fun loving business, then get ready to find out with our fun filled two parts interview with Sophie and Noemi! Maybe this is your sign to start your own business

Sophie and Noemi wearing eco glitter fun bio glitter

Let's get kicked off with Sophie:

So firstly, how did it all begin and what made you want to start an eco-friendly business in the first place? Especially the idea of eco glitter!

S: For several years I wanted to be an entrepreneur and had previously seriously considered having a juice and vegan protein bar business. However the idea just didn’t seem to work out. Once I had found out that glitter was a micro-plastic, this piqued my interest as I love wearing glitter but was shocked to find out that wearing plastic glitter meant you were essentially sticking bits of plastic on your face and that it never breaks down, just pollutes the eco system. I asked Noemi if she'd like to start a bio glitter business and she agreed!

What’s your best experience?

S: Too many to count but generally working events is always my favourite part. During covid, I didn't glitter anyone for over 16 months and it made it really difficult to stay motivated as I didn't start a glitter biz to be stuck behind a laptop

What are the upsides and downsides to running a small eco business?

S: The upsides are definitely the flexibility to work when I like and getting to attend all types of different events. The downsides would be having to do at least 10 different jobs on a daily basis, with no real end to what needs to be done.

Can you tell us about your eco glitter fun training courses?

S: We have glitter bar requests from all over the country so back in 2018, it made sense to start an army of my ex-students to help fulfill these jobs. I really love training as it's not only a fun experience but it even gives people confidence to learn something new and creative. Not everyone who does our course starts a glitter biz of their own, many do it because they adore glitter and want to glitter their friends and family.

Is it difficult trying to be sustainable and eco friendly as a company?

S: We've tried our hardest from day 1 to be as sustainable as possible but it's always a challenge. Whatever anyone says, it is more expensive and items are harder to source. However It's the core of our company values and something I'm very proud of.

What's it like working with Noemi? What are her best and worst assets to the company?

S; Noemi has been my rock over the last 5 years and helps me keep sane everyday. She taught me how to be a sales person as I had no idea before I started this company. As she doesn't officially work day to day in the company in a formal way, I have to be very selective when and how I ask for her help. She has an intense full time job and a young child so it's sometimes tricky. Obviously I would love her input on everything but that's just not possible. As she has an extensive experience in the corporate world, she oftens gives me a perspective I wouldn't have even thought of before. She's especially good at dealing with customers that can sometimes be difficult, something I really struggle with as my background is in hospitality so I find it tough being firm!

What are your company's goals?

S; Our goals are to make everyone change their glitter to biodegradable. We use our platform to educate people in a gentle way to make more sustainable choices in their day to day lives. Glitter is such a small thing but if you can change that what else can you change?

Lastly, what's your favourite product and why? It must be so hard to pick with all the colours you have available!

S; Studio 54 is my go to glitter. Its a mix of gold and silver so it just goes with everything! It's perfect if you just want a little bit of sparkle to boost your look.

Remember if you ever want to drop us an email or a message on instagram for your curious thoughts, please feel free too! We're here to help and love talking to our ecp friendly loving customers!

Watch out for Part 2 of our Interview next week with Noemi...



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