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Get to know our Eco Glitter Fun packing team!

Now we have to give credit where it's due. We take a lot of pride in our 100% plastic free packaging but we have to give thanks to our packing team for getting our Eco Glitter Fun packages out to the world! Now, for some further insight in case you were ever curious on what goes on behind the sustainability loving scene, as well as a look at our amazing products that are packed and shipped with love every day!

Hello! Tell us a bit about long have you both been part of Eco Glitter Fun and what made you want to join?

P&E`: Hello! Patrizia and Eduardo here but you can call us Pat and Edy. We're a team of two and stay behind the scenes of Eco Glitter Fun.

We've actually been here from the very beginning, you can just call us your best loyal employees I guess! We joined because we wanted to try something new and fun plus our daughter Noemi is part owner of the company so we wanted to join her on this eco friendly journey! We were new to the scene at the time but we can definitely say that Sophie and Noemi have been a great influence on wanting to make changes to help support our planet earth, the best eco-warriors we know.

What's your favourite part of working for Eco Glitter Fun?

P&E: We both come from corporate backgrounds so this was a massive change for both of us, we loved the idea of working for a small business that actually cared about making a difference.

What's it like working with Sophie?

P&E: Sophie is such a hard-worker, she is constantly going above and beyond for customers. No matter where she is or what the time is, you know you can always rely on her to help you out. She's dedicated to making a change and creating a better world, we love how much she cares about the environment and how much she wants to influence everyone. We know how important it is for Sophie to be eco friendly, within the company and also in general.

Can you describe what your work day looks like?

P&E: We're lucky to be able to rent an office space and having it be so close to home which means we can even walk to it in the mornings. We check our wix and etsy orders so we can get packing for our lovely customers. We have 100% plastic free packaging to protect our eco glitter fun bottles. We use different types of kraft paper such as shredded paper and honeycomb wrap paper, then it's sealed with our Eco Friendly Fun brown tape. Our packages come in all different sizes, our lip/eye kit all the way up to our glitter make up artist kit!

We reply to messages from our customers then we move on to our retail and wholesale orders, this is where it gets a bit busier. We're sometimes filling hundreds of glitter bottles and aloe tins.

We offer first class, second class, special delivery, you name it and we do it! We ship globally as well and make sure we get to the post office every other day. Sometimes we'll go everyday when it's super busy. We double check addresses and sometimes we have to chase customers who forget to add their house number (this happens a lot but don't worry...we get it)

We do stock checks in order to see what needs to be delivered and also so we can start preparing for summer time where Sophie and Noemi attend their eco glitter filled festivals. The busiest time of the year!

What's the most frustrating part of the job?

P&E: Having issues with the post office and the couriers is probably the worst, we hate finding out that a package hasn't arrived but we always try to re-ship it soon as possible. We do everything we can on our end to make sure our customers are happy so when we find out something has happened for our package to not arrive, we get to work as soon as possible to make sure it's fixed. Luckily this isn't an issue we have to deal with frequently. If you've never had to deal with the post office during the Christmas season then lucky you!

You work with the glitters everyday, you must have a favourite..tell us!

P: This is a tough one, it's super hard especially when Sophie tells me there's a new blend, I just can't stick to one! Merman is one of my favourites because I love blue glitter and it's such a nice mixture. It has so much sparkle, it just reminds me of the sea. St. Patricks blend is another favourite, I love the colour green and it's such an elegant blend, I'd definitely wear it to a fancy dinner.

E: As beautiful as the blends are, I'm more of a simple man and love the standard grain of our glitter, there's just something about it. Blue is my favourite colour so I'd have to say ocean standard, we have a few shades and blends of blue but personally I think ocean is the best one. I have been known to wear glitter in my beard once or twice...whether by accident or on purpose you decide!

The beautiful products that our packing team get ready to ship all over the world!

We hope you've enjoyed hearing from our packing team and gained even more insight on Eco Glitter Fun. We're lucky to have employees that put so much love and care into our products. Remember, we ship worldwide so if you're in need of eco glitter fun (which we're sure you are) head over to out site to see our range.



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