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Eco Glitter Fun wins Gold in Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2021

lollipop glitter and unicorn glitter win green parent awards 2021

We are ecstatic to announce that our lollipop and unicorn BioGlitter sparkle mini box has won Gold in the eyeshadow category in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards.

It's the second year in a row where one of our gorgeous products has won an award with Green parent, last year it was our cute little 3 piece Eco Glitter Blends kit that won Gold in the Makeup Powder category.

lollipop glitter and unicorn glitter win green parent awards 2021

The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards celebrate the most popular, effective, natural products in the industry. Their team of experts, beauty bloggers and readers trial hundreds of products to come up with the very finest in everything from pregnancy stretch mark cream to bubble bath, children's toothpaste to biodegradable eco glitter.

Let's take a look at our winner...

Our lollipop and unicorn sparkle mini box is simply gorgeous, so we can see how it's taken gold. Part of a whole group of mini boxes, this set includes 2 x 4ml of biodegradable glitter in our popular lollipop and unicorn glitter blends. Check them out in all their glory below.

One thing we love about this award is that to be eligible to win, each product has to meet strict criteria such as; sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients, sound company ethics, packaging materials, etc. Our kind of awards.

Check out The Green Parent online to read more about the awards and to find more lovely eco-brands to fall in love with.


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