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Eco Glitter Fun short-listed for most sustainable trader at this year’s plastic-free Glastonbury

Glastonbury is always a major highlight of our festival calendar but this year’s was all the more special because we had a super sparkly Eco Glitter Fun stall AND we made the shortlist for Most Sustainable Non-food Trader!

We know festival season 2019 might be over, but tickets go on sale for Glastonbury 2020 this week... so we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and share our highlights from this years’ Glastonbury.

Being accepted and shortlisted

We were honoured to have our ‘Eco Glitter Fun Glitter Artists Bar’ stall application accepted, we do so many festivals and we love every single one, but Glastonbury... well, it’s the mother of all festivals isn’t it?! To then be shortlisted for most sustainable non-food trader, we were just over the moon. We didn’t win, and huge congrats goes to Rainbow Rebel who won, but we are super proud to have been recognised for our commitment to sustainability, single-use plastic awareness, and brand eco-mission.

Glasto goes plastic-free

The fit between our biodegradable glitter products with this year’s event was made all the stronger for Glasto’s high profile plastic-free commitment. For the first time ever, not only were there ABSOLUTELY NO single-use plastic drinks on sale but backstage catering was plastic-free, traders were banned from using single-use plastic, and there was even a new stage made entirely of recycled plastic picked from beaches, parks and streets from across the UK.

It meant that everyone was that little bit more conscious of what they were bringing, using and throwing away over the, for some, week-long event. Needless to say, people were loving our biodegradable eco glitter festival makeup. No exaggeration to say that we felt like we were sending off a small army of Eco Glitter advocates once we’d glittered them up to the nines.

Another great highlight was that it was our co-founder Sophie’s birthday, Sophie says:

“Glasto 2019 was the opportunity of a lifetime for the Eco Glitter Fun team and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We’re born festival lovers and we felt like we were a real part of the Glastonbury family which was very special.
“The glitter on the cheek, so to speak, was that on top of being part of the show we got to watch some of the most incredible acts, including Stormzy, Lizzo, Idris Elba djing and then of course seeing the most wonderfully weird and intriguing acts in the Caberet tent at 1am! The cherry on the cake was, for me, Sir David Attenborough, who threw in a surprise visit to the Pyramid Stage in support of the show’s new plastic-free stance. Unforgettable times for me and the whole glitter artist Eco Glitter Fun team.

Shout outs

We also contributed more than just eco glitter, yes that’s true, we lent our stand stool to Lizzo! Which she then used on stage for one of her songs... claim to fame for EGF and the stool is now framed and never to be cleaned again.

Another shout out goes to Brothers Cider, who we collaborate with, who kindly sponsored our stand with Cider for the whole event. Rest assured we didn’t go thirsty.

The sustainable festival movement

Just two years ago Glastonbury’s festival bins were full of 1.3 million plastic bottles and the huge site was strewn with thousands of discarded tents. This year, as a result of the farm’s message for attendees to ‘Love The Farm, Leave No Trace’, 99.3% of tents were taken home.

We were pleased to see a lot more environmentally friendly brands, like our friends from Burnt Soul (sustainable party catsuits) and a much bigger presence from International Water Charity WaterAid, who kept reusable water bottles topped up for free throughout the event.

These are important steps for the UK’s leading music festival that will no doubt encourage other large scale events to up their games in terms of what they’re doing to make sure that fun doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.

It’s a movement that Eco Glitter Fun will continue to support

Thank you Glastonbury, we salute you for all of the changes you’re making and we can’t wait to help you get your ‘Eco Glitter Fun’ on again next year!

Hire Glitter Artists from Eco Glitter Fun for your next festival or event, we work with events and brands in many ways, find out more and hire us.



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