An Eco Glitter Fairytale at Chatsworth Flower Show

Our role as glitter makeup artist was to add some sparkle to the beautiful Fairy (aka Millie)

Once upon a time there was a Florist, a Fairy and a dash of Eco Glitter…

It starts off like a fairy tale, because, well, that’s exactly what it felt like. Working in creative partnership with acclaimed British Floriculture expert, Helen Chambers, and her company Evolve Flowers, Eco Glitter Fun recently had the pleasure of adding biodegradable glitter sparkle to the “Floral Immersions” exhibit at this years’ Chatsworth Flower Show.

The exhibit was a first for the show, and consisted of six dramatic displays created by florists in a covered scent-filled walkway. Visualised and implemented by the uber-talented Helen (more about her later), this 360 degree floral spiral was designed to evoke the feeling of lying among the flowers in a meadow, and gazing up to the sky. It even came complete with a real-life Fairy.

Our role as glitter makeup artist was to add some sparkle to the beautiful Fairy (aka Millie). It was all dreamt up by Helen (presumably on some Midsummer Night!), and Millie the Fairy added the final magical touch that brought the enchanting display to life.

Surrounded by flowers, and the most beautiful scent in the air, we set to work sprinkling our eco-friendly glitters on Millie, to compliment the blush pinks and mossy greens of Millie’s Fairy costume (from Rubys and Diamonds Costume Shop) we chose rosa, verde, aurelie , violetta glitters from our BioGlitter SPARKLE range and Pearl, Citrine and Blush glitters from our Bioglitter® PURE range to create a delicate, magical Fairy makeup look.

Once our Fairy Glitter Godmother work was done, we stood back and admired the beauty in front of us - a sparkling Fairy, the spiralling flowers with their beautiful scent – it was truly magical.

Check out some pics from the day...

Glittering done, we explored Chatsworth Flower Show…

Taking place in the magnificent setting of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, the show attracts thousands of people and it is MASSIVE (big enough to fit 26 football pitches apparently). Walking around the show we loved the mix of workshops, gardening inspo and shopping, the friendly vibe and of course, the stunning floral displays. We’re talking living, breathing, beautiful art, passionate creative people, and a whole lot of eco vibes. Love it.

A little story that captured our hearts was how The Royal Horticultural Society (who run the event) roped off a planted container for two weeks after the show was finished because a little bird had decided to make himself a rather extravagant nest in it. Nicely done Chatsworth.

Our heroine, Helen Chambers, acclaimed British Floriculture expert and eco-warrior

We simply cannot draw our story to a close without telling you a little more about Helen, because she’s one flipping amazing and inspiring lady.

After graduating in floristry with the highest marks in the country, Helen won a scholarship to the prestigious Design School at Grunberg, Germany. Since then, her incredible career has included being one of Waitrose top flower designers and providers, creating floral installations for Amanda Wakeley at London Fashion Week, and making several bouquets for none other than HM The Queen.

Like us, Helen is an eco-warrior: passionate about the environment and promoting all things British. She says: “Whilst on this planet we should have purpose, without purpose we shrivel and fade just like spent blooms after their purpose has been completed.” We couldn’t agree more.

Helen’s business, Evolve Flowers, is the embodiment of everything she believes in. In her floristry, workshops and consultancy she exclusively uses seasonal British-grown flowers, helping to support British growers, who in turn support their local community environments, and avoid the damaging carbon footprint created by importing products. In addition, she chooses environmentally friendly, re-usable, recyclable and handcrafted products and packaging wherever possible. What a woman!

Check out some lovely snaps of Helen in action...

From floral spirals to fairy-tale makeovers, it’s safe to say we had an absolutely MAGICAL time at Chatsworth.

Thank you to everyone at RHS, to our new eco-warrior crush, Helen, to everyone who stopped to ask about our biodegradable products, and to our magical young Fairy friend, Millie, who simply stole the show!

We trust, in true fairy-tale style, that they shall all live happily ever after.

The End

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