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Five tips to being more environmentally conscious at festivals

WrFstvl goes Eco Glitter this year

Festivals, more festivals and summer time parties! We love them and we love using as much glitter as we possibly can – Eco Glitter of course! We’ve made the swap from plastic glitter to biodegradable glitter (we hope you have too) but we are always looking for more ways to reduce the harm we inflict on the planet during these fun filled times.

There are tonnes of fabulous lists of how you can be more green at festivals, which we adore seeing and reading – we are super keen for everyone to keep spreading the word and educating us all on how we can do our bit. So here are our top five tips on how we can all be more environmentally conscious at festivals.

Eco Glitter Funs’ Top 5 Tips to be more Eco-Friendly at Festivals:

  1. Travel together – Car share or take a look for what public transport options are available. You might be surprised – there are usually various transport options, often put on by the festival themselves or the local area to help you get to and from the festival safely and in a greener way. It also means you might meet some interesting people along the way – start your festival from the beginning of the journey - we have met some of our closest friends that way!

  2. Invest in your Tent - Buy a decent tent which you can use over and over again rather than ditching after every festival. We know it’s a pain cleaning up afterwards, but just think about the effort which needs to go into disposing of your old tent and making you a new one next time around. Plus think of the extra pennies you’ll save over time which you can spend on eco glitter!

  3. Ditch the Plastic Gems – we know they are sparkly, but they are also single use plastics (mostly) and we are all too busy dancing and having a great time to notice them falling off. Often they end up landing directly onto the earth and never degrade or get recycled. Switching completely to biodegradable glitter is all the sparkle you need – and you know it won’t be costing the Earth.

  4. Refill and Hydrate – Bringing your own water bottle/cup not only saves the planet but massively saves you cash. Imagine all those pennies saved by not having to buy expensive water every time you need to hydrate?! It makes sense, ditch the single use plastic bottles and take your own refillable bottle/cup. Your bank balance would totally agree.

  5. Be a clean freak – What happens at a festival doesn’t need to stay at the festival. Don’t be a slob, tidy up after yourself and recycle any waste properly so it doesn't end up in landfill. Make sure you leave with a clean ‘green eco’ conscience.

There are loads more but add these ones to your list - we will be. Even if you manage just one thing, at least it's a start and better than none.

🎪 Do your bit, we can make a change 🎪

🌎 🐟 Reduce Waste, Reduce Plastic. Be Green, Be Conscious. 🌎 🐟



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