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Eco Glitter Fun donates insane amounts of bio glitter to Internet Freedom Festival

Eco Glitter sponsors of Internet Freedom Festival 2018

The Eco Glitter Fun team are over the moon to announce that we are the official eco glitter sponsors of the Internet Freedom Festival 2018!

The Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) held between 5-9 March 2018 in Valencia, Spain, brings together over 1,400 activists and journalists from over 115 countries in the crusade for free speech and digital rights AND it’s also known for its epic (borderline insane!) use of glitter. To show our support for this important event we are donating our globally loved eco-friendly glitter – which will be accessible to all via the glitter stations at the event. Internet Freedom is a subject which is very close to the heart of our co-founder, Sophie Awdry, so, showing our support for this event is a no brainer.

We are dedicated to spreading guilt free sparkles in the form of biodegradable eco glitter. Our global customer base ranges from festival goers, party lovers, arts and crafts partakers, talented MUA’s, school teachers, product manufacturers, boutique shop owners and general glitter lovers. Our current range of over 35 colours and sizes are suitable for use in makeup, on face, hair, in arts and crafts, for cosmetic products and safe for children – which means our product is simply perfect for most of your eco glitter needs.

The deep desire to spread guilt free sparkles comes from a bigger, more important mission – to raise awareness of plastic pollution and educate people on how we can all do our part to reduce the impact. ​ Our eco glitter is made from a certified biodegradable cellulose film. This means that once it has been used to make the world a glitterier place, it will safely biodegrade, causing no harm to Mother Earth. Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed; eco-warrior and documentary maker extraordinaire, Sir David Attenborough, replied to a letter that we sent to him with a handwritten note wishing us luck with our venture.

In line with our mission, we also donate some of our profits to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, who are dedicated to challenging the world’s attitude to plastic consumption. We have also supported ‘Green Matters’ by teaming up together to create an eye-catching video which has been viewed over 288,000! We pride ourselves on not only being crusaders of biodegradable eco glitter but also in having a passion to work towards a happier, healthier planet.

Do your bit and swap your plastic glitter for our biodegradable eco glitter now! Shop Eco Glitter Fun

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