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The Clare Elise Podcast: The Sparkly edition with Sophie Awdry

One of our founders, Sophie Awdry, talks to radio presenter, singer and all-round creative genius Clare Elise, about being an ecopreneur, starting a small business, vintage sparkles and amongst other things, reindeer food!

It's a podcast jam-packed with sparkles, insight and you get a sneaky peek into the life of our lovely Sophie.

Listen now

Or listen via the link below, or find it on your favourite podcast app.

Clare Elise is a radio presenter, singer, voice-over and social media manager. Clare is a whole bunch of creative in one lovely pot of a person. Having presented shows in both the UK and the Middle East, and as a voice-over, she's voiced commercials for both large and small companies worldwide. Her singing has taken her to many corporate events, weddings, pubs and clubs across the UK & Europe and has also been featured on a dance track. As a social media manager, she focuses her creative juices on creating eye-catching digital campaigns for leading brands.

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