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Eco Glitz up your NEON Makeup look

Spring and Summer 2019 saw the comeback of NEON – a trend which some would argue claimed its stake in pop culture with Andy Warhols daring Marilyn Monroe portrait in bright golds, pinks and greens. The 80s saw it flood the high street, in the 90s it consumed the rave and now it’s back.

It’s bright, it’s daring and we love it.

It might be the end of summer, but we are sure we can eke out some final occasions to make the most of this bold look. Did anyone say Ibiza closing parties?!

With this in mind we thought we would pull together some NEON makeup looks to inspire you.

Now, our Eco Glitter does not come in NEON shades, and remember no biodegradable glitter does – BUT it can certainly complement bold green neon eyeliner, a shocking pink leotard and vibrant orange nails perfectly. Our range of bio glitters showcase some great shades from electric blues (sapphire blue and ocean) and punchy pinks (rosa scuro) to bold orange (bronze and brulee) and citrus yellow golds (citrine).

To help us create these neon looks we called on our talented pool of MUAs, and they definitely delivered. Each one expertly combined bright NEON colours with our sparkly biodegradable glitter to make it pop.

Neon Makeup Idea 1, Neon Nights

Check out the first look from Lizzie @slaywithsparkle. For her eyes she applies neon pink, orange and yellow eye shadow, black winged eyeliner and some lovely long lashes. To finish the look she swooped a half moon glitter design on her cheek bone using our pearl uber chunky, verde uber chunky, and rosa scuro uber chunky and rosa scuro super chunky eco glitter.

Neon Makeup Idea 2, Deep into Neon

Our second look is from Sarah @sarahh_jb, she creates a deep and bold look using neon purple and pink eye shadow. Our super chunky rosa scuro eco glitter is then used to add extra depth to the pink.

Neon Makeup Idea 3, Miami sunset

Our third look, also by Sarah (@sarahh_jb) combines pinks, yellow, orange and purple eye shadow to create a striking Miami sunset vibe. To add some glitz Sarah added our aurelie, amethyst and rosa scuro eco glitters in super chunky and standard.

Now you have the inspiration, get yourself the look. Shop guilt-free sparkles and make your NEON makeup look EXTRA for those end of season summer parties.

Make sure you tag us in to all your party pics, let’s see the summer out in style!

Check out our Eco Glitter Fun Shop for more colours.

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