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Eco Glitter Fun talk to Plastic Oceans UK about false labelling and greenwashing

Having been proud sponsors of ‘Plastic Oceans Foundation’, since November 2017, Eco Glitter Fun's co-founder Sophie Awdry was delighted to talk to them recently about how they prove their product’s authenticity in an age of false labelling and greenwashing.

Sophie talks about why she started the business and how Eco Glitter Fun carries out their business in order to deliver environmentally friendly products and services.

What inspired your decision to start Eco Glitter Fun? Which environmental concerns were a driving force behind your idea?
After discovering glitter was a microplastic in the summer of 2016 I was determined to find an alternative. I found a company called Ronald Britton Ltd who were manufacturing their newly developed biodegradable alternative made from a modified regenerated cellulose film, Bioglitter®. This glitter was fairly unheard of with just a couple of companies globally purchasing from them and selling to end users. The companies I found were selling in plastic pots, which seemed absolutely crazy to me. So, this is how the idea of Eco Glitter Fun was born. Eco-friendly glitter in plastic-free packaging. We also use eco glitter to begin the discussion on more serious plastic pollution and consumption topics.
Tell us a bit more about the glitter product you sell:
We are licensed resellers of both Bioglitter® PURE and Bioglitter® SPARKLE.
Bioglitter® PURE is 100% plastic- free and Certified ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ by TÜV, a world first. Bioglitter® SPARKLE is 92% plastic-free and independently tested to prove they both actually degrade in the natural freshwater environments and not just an industrial or home composter.

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