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Eco Glitter Fun proud to sponsor Plastic Oceans Foundation

Protect the ocean and marine life by buying biodegradable eco glitter

Eco Glitter Fun are proud to announce that they are now sponsors of ‘Plastic Oceans Foundation’, an organisation and registered charity dedicated to changing the worlds attitude to plastic consumption.

Sophie Awdry, Co-founder of Eco Glitter Fun comments, “Choosing to support Plastic Oceans was a no brainer for myself and my business partner, Noemi Lamanna. The work they do is very close to our hearts and a major reason why we founded Eco Glitter Fun. Starting our company was not just about bringing eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter to the forefront of the market – it was also about Education. We have a great opportunity to educate our customers, young and old, about micro-plastics and how by choosing to use biodegradable glitter, they are helping to reduce plastics and save our oceans.

Sophie continues, “We are planning to be very involved in the fight to reduce plastics consumption - sponsoring Plastic Oceans is just the start. Many people have not really thought about how glitter is a plastic, or how similar it is to the recently banned micro-beads. The truth is, they are the same, and when we explain this to people, they often have a lightbulb moment! Education is the key and we plan to spread the ‘guilt-free sparkles’ message to glitter lovers, schools, product & cosmetics manufacturers, craft suppliers, makeup artists and more!”

Plastic Oceans Co-Founder and ‘A Plastic Ocean’ film producer, Jo Ruxton was recently interviewed by Sky Television whilst attending the ‘Our Ocean’ Conference in Malta a few weeks back. week. The same conference where HRH The Prince of Wales delivered his widely viewed and hard hitting speech stating how ‘decisive action is required’. The Prince, also believes, like Eco Glitter Fun and Plastic Oceans, that it is not too late to turn the tide.

Jo Ruxton, Plastic Oceans Co-founder says, “We are delighted to have Eco Glitter Fun as one of our sponsorship partners. Not only do they sell ocean-friendly glitter products in recyclable glass bottles – but the people, Noemi and Sophie share the same values as we do. We are really excited about this partnership and the possibilities going forward.”

Eco Glitter Fun are doing their bit, and want to help others do theirs too!

How can you help reduce the use of harmful plastics?

  1. Buy our Biodegradable Eco Glitter of course! 10% of our profits donated on your behalf to Plastic Oceans

  2. Donate direct to Plastic Oceans here

  3. Get involved! Visit their website to find more ways you can help

  4. Watch the 'A Plastic Ocean' Film on Netflix and iTunes

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About Plastic Oceans Foundation

The Plastic Ocean Foundation UK is the founding organisation and a UK Registered Charity, started by Jo Ruxton and Sonjia Norman in 2009. Both were ardent environmentalists joined together in a mission to tell the world about the harm our plastic addiction was doing to the oceans and the human race. Together they brought in TV presenters, such as Sir David Attenborough and Dr Sylvia Earle, along with a team of advisers from the worlds of science, business, education and sustainability. From this fantastic collaboration of talented, dedicated eco warriors they created the globally successful film, ‘A Plastic Ocean’. While continuing to promote the film, the Foundation is now turning its attention to other projects such as; further scientific research, developing education programmes and building links with industry – all in aid of achieving its mission.

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