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Eco Glitter Fun supports Supermarkets plastic glitter sales ban

In a recent article in The Guardian, it talks about how the public are urging Supermarkets to move forward with a glitter ban on all products. Campaigners say that the big retailers must back customers’ wishes, stop stalling and phase out microplastics as soon as possible.

The article says;

“Glitter might look lovely but, because it’s plastic, it sticks around long after the sparkle has gone – often in the stomachs of fish and birds,” said David Innes, from the campaign group 38 Degrees, which has launched a petition calling on environment secretary Michael Gove to outlaw the product. Innes cites a recent study showing that up to a third of fish caught in the North Sea contained microplastic particles – including glitter.
“Some major supermarkets are moving to ban these harmful microplastics, but the British public is clear; supermarkets should be moving faster to tackle plastic waste.”

The Guardian spoke to Sophie Awdry, Eco Glitter Fun, co-founder too;

But Sophie Awdry, founder of Eco Glitter Fun – a biodegradable cosmetic-grade glitter sold in plastic-free packaging – said: “Unfortunately, until large retailers switch all glitter products from plastic to biodegradable, consumers will continue to be confused and unsure of what to buy. Biodegradable glitter is more expensive than plastic, however, once it is mainstream, the cost will reduce.”



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