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Burnt Soul Clothing plus Eco Glitter Fun equals nothing but glittery disco goodness

Well, if the title got your inner diva’s attention, read on to find out what happened when we recently collaborated with the amazing Burnt Soul Clothing at their ‘Disco Voga Barre Collab Class’ in Covent Garden, London.

Burnt Soul Clothing won a place in our hearts (and our wardrobes) the moment we set eyes on their seriously smoking catsuits. Like us, Burnt Soul Clothing know that style shouldn’t cost the planet. They champion sustainable design and production practices, which is in line with their mission to fight the war on ‘throwaway fashion’.

So, we were more than delighted to join them at their pop up shop event ‘Disco Voga Barre Collab Class’. Which, for those that don’t know (we didn’t, we had to google it) – it’s a fitness class. But not just any old fitness class. It’s full on healthy hedonism, delivering ‘super feel good’ vibes.

Let’s break it down …

  • VOGA, a fusion of Yoga and Voguing

  • Disco Barre, a hard-core ballet barre workout

  • All of this set to set to a disco and house soundtrack, whilst wearing a Burnt Soul Catsuit AND dousing yourself in our guilt-free eco glitter

What’s not to love?!

This fitness mash-up session took place on the 18th May at Burnt Soul’s pop up shop in Covent Garden, of which we supported the event by hosting a glitter bar run by our co-founder and head glitter artists, Sophie Awdry.

Once Sophie had tried on 10, 20 or maybe 30 catsuits .. ok, we might be exaggerating, but it was A LOT, she glittered all the disco/yogi divas in time for them to start their fitness class.

Glitter ON. 80s house ON. It was time to bust out some disco, yoga, ballet style moves!

House of VOGA’s founder Jules kicked off the session with some highly stylized and expressive yoga - peppered with vogue-inspired dance poses to strengthen the core (and make you look cool AF!) It’s seriously sweaty and seriously good.

Now for the mash-up.

Disco Barre founder, Sophie, and her super high-energy disco workout. She has us burning up with small (but funky) movements and isometric holds that fire up your muscles – but it’s genuinely impossible to fold with the disco groove keeping you going.

Got to be honest - music pumping, catsuits smokin’, and cheekbones, décolletés and shoulders GLITTERING - we’ve never felt so at home.

Catsuits and glitter

Safe to say, we’re a little bit in love with Burnt Soul’s offering (more than just catsuits, by the way), and we expect to see a fair few of their pieces on the summer 2019 festival circuit. This is serious attention-grabbing edgy party wear, which demands to be accessorised with a well-placed touch of our Eco Glitter. Check out this post to see a few Burnt Soul catsuit and glitter combos which we LOVE.

Stock up on catsuits and shop glitter for the festival season and possibly your next ballet, yoga or disco session?! We know, Sophie has …

Stay guilt-free sparkling

To find out more about how your brand can work with Eco Glitter Fun, contact us or read more about how we work with brands here.



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