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Catsuits and eco glitter, a match made in disco heaven

Safe to say, we’re a little bit in love with the clothing brand Burnt Soul and the super gorgeous catsuits they have on offer. We 100% expect to see a fair few of their pieces on the summer 2019 festival circuit.

This is serious attention-grabbing edgy party wear, which demands to be accessorised with a well-placed touch of our Eco Glitter.

Here are a few combos we love.

Electric Lady Catsuit & Lollipop Glitter

A backless UV-reacting little number that looks incredible when accessorised with a trail of our Lollipop eco glitter blend down the spine.

Peekaboo Lazer Catsuit & Violetta Glitter

Made of the brightest, boldest holographic velvet you can imagine, matching perfectly with a shoulder-dusting of our uber chunky Violetta or Violetta disco ball blend of eco glitter.

Limited Edition Spice Girls Devore Catsuit & Studio 54 or Ocean

The iridescent mesh posh dress was born to be paired with our Studio 54 blend or perhaps Ocean. Or both? Surely more is more?

Check out the Burnt Soul Clothing website ( for more fashion and shop festival eco glitter, get festival ready.



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