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You can now buy exclusive Eco Glitter Fun kits in-store at Selfridges

We are proud to announce that you can now purchase exclusive Eco Glitter Fun biodegradable glitter kits in-store at Selfridges! Available from flagship stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester and online – they are stocked and ready for you to pick up whenever you fancy.

Noemi Lamanna, Commercial Director at Eco Glitter Fun, comments,

"Becoming a ‘Buying Better’ brand in Selfridges stores is something that we are super proud of and extremely excited for. Working with retailers is a big part of our business, so adding this iconic brand to our client list is an honour. Selfridges sustainability movement is inline with our ethos - they are taking bold steps towards being more sustainable and using their voice to educate and spread awareness to their customers. We can’t wait to see our exclusive Eco Glitter Fun sets on the shelves along-side other household name brands."

Among the exclusive sets, which you can only get online or in-store at Selfridges, are Disco and Festival Eco Glitter kits, priced at £30.

Check them out here!! Eeeeeeek...

buy eco glitter kits in store at Selfridges in London

Joining Selfridges as one of their ‘Buying Better’ group of brands which includes categories like British Makers, Organic and Saving Water - is an exciting step for Eco Glitter Fun. It means that we get the opportunity to spread the ‘reduce plastic waste’ message even further, with the help of this iconic retail store and brand.

Selfridges have stated in their sustainability mission that,

“We are committed to ensuring that 50% of our products are better for people and the planet by 2022.”

To support this mission, Selfridges is launching a ‘World Oceans Day’ programme which includes many in-store, employee and companywide initiatives. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on by checking out the Sustainability Section of the Selfridges website.

One of the programmes is the in-store 'Plastic Ocean Beauty Booth', part of their sustainability-focused beauty campaign, which aims to encourage us to reduce, reuse and recycle all that plastic piling up in our bathrooms. Here, you can find Selfridges beauty reps showcasing lots of lovely sustainable beauty products, including our Eco Glitter Fun biodegradable glitter sets. The reps have been fully trained by us, so they are prepped and ready to answer all your questions about our eco glitter sets.

We will also be popping in on the 8 June, to see our sets in all their glory – so if you are there and see us, make sure you come and say ‘hi’! Check our Instagram story to check on our trip.



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