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Vegan gift guide from Gift Goonie

Gifts for vegan, vegan gift guide!
Vegan gift guide from Gift goonie

GIFT GOONIE is the brain child of Samara, who lives in London. It’s a personalised gift guide service for shoppers worldwide who need some help trawling through the internet to find the perfect gift for loved ones. Samara simply loves gift buying and wants to share her passion with for free – yes, that’s right, she does not charge a penny for her services!

We met her at the recent Vegan Life Live event in London and had a chance to talk to her about our gorgeous biodegradable eco glitter gift sets and festival glitters. She must have been impressed (who wouldn’t be, our glitter is divine and guilt-free) that our glitter gift sets made it to her recent blog The Vegan Gift Guide’. The blog includes lots of other great vegan brands, so you should go and check it out.

Check out what lovely things she said;

“Another fun and dynamic company I came across was Eco Glitter Fun. They stock bio degradable glitter that would make a perfect gift for a Vegan party animal. This gift would be lovely for anyone who attends festivals or is into their make-up, but is also good for children’s parties. It’s a very versatile gift and can be given to so many people for different occasions. Best of all is it’s vegan and environmentally friendly. I also met with one of the owners and she gave me a tiny sample to try. My daughter was having none of it, she used the glitter and I was happy for her to use it because of the way it’s made. Eco Glitter Fun sell many different gift sets and they are absolutely awesome.” Samara, Gift Goonie

Read the blog in full

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