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Top 5 favourite eco glitter looks for your next festival

Here are our fav glitter looks for quick & easy fuss-free glittering for your next event or party....

1: Half Moon

It's an oldie but a goodie...

Shop Rainbow Kit

2: The Sun

My personal fav and always very popular at events

Shop Unicorn, Rosa Uber Disco Ball & Rosa Scuro Standard

3: In the hair

Perfect for people who touch their face a lot!

Hair by @clairehartleystylist.

Shop Face Florals & Pure Glitter Kit

4: Under eye

Come day 3 of a festival, this glitter look is ideal to cover up those no sleep eye-bags!

Shop Woodland Fairy & Rosa Uber Disco Ball

5: Beard

Whether you have hair or not the beard is always a crowd pleaser...

Shop Pride Station Kit

You can find all these looks and more on our FREE downloadable Inspo card. Don't forget to tag us on social media as we love to see your pics!

Want more? Learn how to glitter professionally and even start your own side hustle!

Sophie teaches you all the tips & tricks on how to become a glitter artist and set up on your own biz in your local area.

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