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Things to do when in quarantine ... add glitter of course!

During this time we find ourselves in, we are all looking for ways to keep our minds busy, our nerves calm and our souls joyful.

Here are some things which we think will help you in these tough times. They also include some cool ways in which you can support small businesses during this time.

  1. Obviously number one is... Get crafty with eco glitter! We have a special quarantine collection which has a 30% off discount, perfect for stocking up for crafting.

  2. Bake your favourite treats - if you managed to get some supplies, this is a lovely thing to do alone or with your loved ones.

  3. Online chats - this has totally blown up and we love it. Technology is really coming into its own. Get yourself involved in online chatting with friends and family. There are loads of free options, Zoom, google hangout, mobile phone video call, house party to name a few.

  4. Support your local PT, gym instructor or yoga teacher - This is one profession that is suffering in this pandemic, so get online and donate a small token to support them. You keep them afloat plus keep fit, win win!

  5. Buy a voucher for a local or small business - this small gesture could help keep a small business going during this time. Making sure the small brands you love survive to keep delivering amazing goodies to you. Buy now and redeem at a later date when they are back to business as usual.

  6. Practice those makeup looks you never get round to - and add some glitter! It's a time to get creative and inject as much sparkle into your life as you can.

  7. Host a festival... at home! - Get your festival outfit on, add some glitter and party at home. Use an online chat app to share the fun with your friends!

  8. Host a glitter party... either virtually or with your household - Get all your eco glitter out, get your online chat up and running, douse yourself in glitter and party! Invite your friends virtually or just get your glitter on at home.

These are just a few ideas, we will be posting more, so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay safe and sparkly.



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