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The ultimate guide to having a sparkly eco office Christmas party

Christmas dos have officially gone green for 2019. Rock yours with eco-friendly glitter, bamboo straws and a host of other epically angelic eco-ideas.

If you’re reading this, you’ll know that organising a corporate Christmas party can be a bit of a minefield. So many people to please and in uncertain economic times, dwindling budgets too.

If you’re looking for ideas to make this year’s party rock, but also have one eye on how a big frivolous do might be perceived by staff and even the wider public, you’ve come to the right place.

In our line of work, we get involved in creating a LOT of parties. From mega-scale festivals like Glastonbury and Latitude to VIP product launches and intimate private weddings, we’ve been there, and we know what works.

Over the last three years we’ve partnered with a host of big, yet proudly eco-conscious, brands like the Natural History Museum, who want to bring a unique touch of glitz to their events, without damaging the environment in the process.

Increasingly, we’re also being called upon to bring our guilt-free sparkles to corporate Christmas parties. And so, in the true spirit of Christmas, we come bearing gifts: six top tips for throwing a fabulous Christmas party that’s kind on the environment - and complements those corporate social responsibility statements you’ve been putting out all year.

Tip 1: Get that venue booked, early!

Yes, it’s obvious, but many event planners hold out on making a venue booking until they have the whole plan straight in their heads. But those coveted 6th and 13th December Friday night slots fill up fast.

Instead of waiting, nail down a flexible space with in-house AV facilities early (to avoid the need for transporting in kit), and let the rest of the details flow from there.

Aim for somewhere with good public transport links, incentivise car-sharing (free soft drinks for designated drivers?), and if possible, provide a minibus to take people from the office to the venue, reducing the number of cars involved – both safe and green.

WARNING: We also get booked up pretty quick, so get your dates secured if you want Eco Glitter Fun Artists to sprinkle some guilt-free sparkles all over your Christmas Party! Hire Eco Glitter Fun Makeup Artists.

Tip 2: Build an event that reflects YOUR brand

Make time to talk to your senior leaders about the sort of message they want this year’s Christmas party to send to staff. Is this party a simple ‘thank you for all your hard work” or could it be an opportunity to communicate something more meaningful?

There’s a good chance that many Senior Leadership Teams won’t have given the Christmas party much thought yet, and won’t necessarily have clocked it as an opportunity to reinforce key corporate messages either. And so it might fall to you to come up with suggestions…

Your company values are a great place to start. What could you do with the décor, food, theme and activities on offer at your party that will bring your unique brand values to life for your colleagues?

If your company is in the majority who now have environmental corporate social responsibility statements on their websites, why not challenge yourself and your brand to bring these eco-conscious values to life at the most high profile staff event of the year?

Sound a bit political for the office Christmas party? Far from it. Research shows that individuals are making big eco changes in their personal lives in terms of what they buy and how they use and dispose of it (*household waste recycling rates rose from 11% to 45% between 2000 and 2017), and it can be frustrating if similar practices aren’t supported by your employer.

Just one look at your daily news feed and you know – people CARE about green living, now more than ever, and they want to align themselves with brands who are DOING something real about it.

In a recent *survey a quarter (27%) of Britons now cite the environment in their top three issues facing the country, and a recent report by professional services company PwC found that *65% of people across China, Germany, India, the UK and the US want to work for an organisation with a strong social conscience; something that’s led to more than a third of HR professionals building their hiring strategies around their organisations’ social and environmental stance.

“People are looking for an employer that takes proactive steps to make a difference related to the environment,” says Bridget Jackson, corporate sustainability director at PwC.

Sam Caswell, Communications Consultant, examines how this relates to corporate Christmas party planning: “Christmas parties have a reputation for being a bit frivolous and whist there’s nothing wrong with that in that it itself, it has to work in harmony with the rest of your brand messaging, and what you stand for.

“The best Christmas parties are those which reflect the values of the host company and resonate with staff on an emotional level. They get people talking, on and offline, and reflect positively on the host company long after the event.”

Tip 3: Hire an Eco Glitter Makeup Artist and add a touch of biodegradable glitter

Who said being responsible had to be dull! It’s Christmas right? Was there ever a more fitting time to take a cue from the coolest music events and get people expressing themselves with a bit of face and body glitter?

Give your Christmas do some eco-friendly sparkle with a gorgeous single-use plastic-free glitter bar, courtesy of the team at Eco Glitter Fun. We’ll come armed with all of the products and brushes needed to get your guests in the party mood - festival or disco style. It’s great for getting people talking (“I never knew you were a Bowie fan!”), looks ace in pictures, and most importantly, it serves as a tangible expression of your corporate values around being kind to the environment.

Our recent work has included Pride and kids events for H&M throughout the country, Barclaycard at Latitude and BST Festivals, and ASOS Foundation at their annual charity event at Roundhouse Camden. Take a look at a few of our fav pics, below.

Tip 4: Put single-use plastic on the naughty list, full stop.

It goes without saying that single-use plastic and disposable party wear will be a no no at any party with a green focus, and for good reason: at the current rate of production, *by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 

So, if you’re hosting an office-based party, resist the urge to buy a stack of plastic cups and instead head to Morrison’s or Waitrose who will lend you what you need for FREE!

If you’re heading out to a venue, check out their policy on paper napkins, plastics and recycling and say a polite “no thank you” to free table crackers filled with plastic cr*p that will go straight in the bin at the end of the night.

With the rise in popularity of cocktail bars at corporate events, it’s also important not to remember to veto that oh-so-teeny yet oh-so-AWFUL-for-the-environment plastic straw. Replace them with way cooler bamboo straws – less than £1 each from You could even pop one in a Christmas goodie bag?

NB: If you’re keen on the idea of goodie bags, talk to us. Eco Glitter Fun can provide mini glitter pots, money off gift vouchers for Christmas presents and even vegan hair gel for a goodie bag that will get your guests talking for all the right reasons.

Tip 5: Do something beautiful

Not all Christmas parties involve dressing up and sipping cocktails. If your brand values call for a more active teambuilding approach, make sure that some eco-focused ideas are on the agenda.

Take part in a plant a tree corporate event with, create a Christmas wreath with a workshop run by a local florist like, or organise a food bank delivery with

For another low cost but high engagement option, fire up a beer fridge, get some tunes on and cover the conference room table in craft materials for making office Christmas decorations. Truth be told, it’s amazing what you can create with old brochures and out-of-date marketing materials that would otherwise end up in the bin. Add in a competitive element for the “best-dressed team area” or “most creative interpretation of our brand values” and watch those too-cool-for-school sales types get stuck in too.

NB: Don’t forget to order in plenty of Eco Glitter Fun biodegradable glitter – it’s fantastic for crafting!

Tip 6: Go for décor with heart

A Christmas party drinks reception would just be plain wrong without a beautifully decorated tree. Make sure you check that yours has been grown sustainably by looking out for the FSC-certification ’tick tree’ logo and make sure it’s disposed of responsibly, or preferably buy a living tree (potted or root balled) that can be planted at your office, after your event.

In terms of dining room décor, the day of the plastic poinsettia table centre is well and truly behind us. Why not challenge your staff to create their own table decorations using what they have at home from Christmases past, or spend an afternoon out of the office foraging for holly, ivy and pine cones to dress your event in a timelessly tasteful way.

With the table dressing sorted, your next challenge will be the lighting. And when it comes to creating a special festive party atmosphere, you really can’t beat candles. Unfortunately, most candles on the market are paraffin based and contribute to harmful pollution. But all is not lost. With a bit of time, it’s easy to source less harmful soy or beeswax alternatives. We love these Cinnamon Clove and Orange beauties from for creating a beautiful festive scent.

Happy planning!

If you’re keen to find out more about an hiring our Glitter Makeup Artists for your Corporate, Office Christmas Party, get in touch us today - book your slot, we get busy!




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