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Glitter Rainbows in windows spread hope and joy in the community

You might have heard about the #rainbowwindow movement which started in response to schools closing across the UK due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you haven’t, it started when hundreds of schools encouraged pupils to put up rainbows to spread hope within their communities. This kicked off an online trend that led to rainbows appearing in windows all across the UK in different artistic ways. Maybe you have had the joy of seeing some in your neighbours windows! Check out the BBC news story here Not only will you be spreading joy, but you'll also have something crafty to do at home with your families. The added bonus is that when you are out on your daily walk to can play the ‘find the rainbow’ game! We adore the #rainbowwindow movement so we decided to get involved and of course, add some eco glitter! We used coloured card and matching eco glitter to create our rainbow – but you could do it any way you wish. Feel free to copy our style or add your own artistic twist! Don’t forget to show us your creations, simply tag us on social media.

How to make an Eco Glitter Rainbow

What you need:

  • Five pieces of Card – Coloured or white

  • IF you have white card – then you’ll need some crayons or felt tips

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Plates of different sizes OR a compass for drawing circles

  • Glue - we like plastic-free Coccoina Natural Glue - A natural and biodegradable glue made from potato starch. Added bonus: it smells like marzipan

  • Two to Five colours of Eco Glitter Fun Glitter (we have 30% off the quarantine collection!) – It’s up to you if you use two or more glitter colours. Use what you have. We used five. A little goes a long way, you don’t need much!

Steps to make the rainbow

View the gallery below to see the steps too.

  1. Using a plate or compass draw a half circle on one of your pieces of card.

  2. Repeat with your other pieces of card, making the circles smaller each time.

  3. Cut out your shapes.

  4. If you have used white card – you can now colour them in different colours.

  5. Stick the shapes together, so they form a rainbow shape.

  6. Now, we need to catch the glitter that we pour – so, place a large piece of paper/newspaper underneath your rainbow shape.

  7. Starting with the first colour, put the glue on this one colour.

  8. Then carefully pour your first glitter colour over the glue.

  9. Leave for a minute, then pick your rainbow up and gently tap the excess bio glitter into your large piece of newspaper/paper.

  10. Put your rainbow to one side, and then you can carefully pour your excess eco glitter back into your pot. OR you can wait until the end and have a rainbow blend to decant into a new bottle! It’s up to you.

  11. Repeat for all the colours.

  12. Put your rainbow to one side to dry fully.

  13. Pour all your excess glitter (what you left on your large piece of paper) into a pot ready for your next craft session!

  14. Once your rainbow is fully dry, hang it in your window for your neighbours and community to enjoy.

  15. Share on social media to spread the hope to your online friends and family. Tag us in and we will share it on our socials too.

Order some of our 'quarantine collection eco glitter, it's 30% off! Perfect amounts for your craft sessions!



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