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Eco Glitter Fun Stockist focus – Conscious Craft

Eco Glitter Fun retailer Conscious Crafts

We are proud to introduce to you one of our retailers 'Conscious Craft'- who curate and sell an amazing selection of eco-friendly toys, books, art materials, tools and of course our lovely eco glitter makeup sets!

The UK based, boutique retailers’ mission is to encourage parents and children to be creative in an eco-friendly way. They only work with trusted brands, therefore all of their products are high quality, long lasting natural toys and craft materials. Delivering eco-friendly fun to parents and children everywhere.

We had a chat with Funmi Wilkes, Owner & Founder of Conscious Craft, to find out more about what makes them tick.

Why and when did you start your business? What drove you to do it?

We started our business five years ago. My husband and I started initially selling eco art and craft materials for kids before gradually expanding into eco toys, tools and books. We started the business because we found it hard to find quality, toxin free art and craft products for our kids. Combining our art education and retail backgrounds we aim to support small businesses making lasting things that are toxin-free; safe for you, your children and planet Earth too.

What positive impact does it have on the planet? What is your mission or vision of the future you'd like to help create?

Not only is it safer for our children’s health that they use natural paints, paper, pencils, crayons, wool and fabric but by giving them good quality materials, we believe they will create beautiful things that will last a lifetime.

We actively seek toys and craft materials that are natural, safe and free from harmful chemicals, we try to reduce our environmental impact by avoiding unnecessary plastic and packaging and we consciously look for suppliers that use sustainable materials. We also offer quality products that can be used again and again, products that are long lasting, that can be treasured and passed on.

What is your best-selling product and why do you think that it?

Our best-selling product is the Grimm’s Rainbow. I think it’s because it’s a beautiful, long lasting toy, that can be played with by little ones as well as much older children. It’s truly an open-ended toy that inspires creative play.

What you'd wish you would sell more of? - as it would make a great impact on the world

I am constantly trying to source eco-friendly art products. They are not easy to find. I would love to see more felt-tipped pens made from recycled plastic or made from an eco-alternative such as corn plastic.

Personally, tell us one thing you do to reduce your impact on the planet...

We are so lucky where we live; we have two biodynamic farms close by as well as a small organic grocery shop. I try to shop locally as much as possible. We have also swapped all our shower gel, hand wash and shampoo for soap. It's so easy to do this one simple thing.

Personally, tell us one thing which you struggle to do, but are trying...

We are trying to buy less, especially products using single use plastics. It’s hard to reduce household waste. We are constantly looking for products using as little packaging as possible. Also, since I love travelling, it’s really hard but we are trying to fly less.

Why do you sell biodegradable glitter?

We love eco glitter, it’s brilliant to have an eco-version available. It adds a little magic to face painting as well as craft projects.

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