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Eco Glitter Fun shortlisted for 2019 Pure Beauty Awards

Eco Glitter Fun’s biodegradable glitter sets and kits have been shortlisted for the 2019 Pure Beauty Awards. Nominated as ‘Best Special Innovation’ in the ‘Brand Innovation Category’, our glitter sets have been recognised as delivering something new and noticeable to the beauty industry.

We are really proud to have been noticed not only for our great glitter products but for our strong eco conscious ethics. It’s not just about selling glitter for us, it’s about spreading the #reduceplastic message far and wide. Some things which make us stand out from your usual eco glitter brand are that we donate 10% of profits to Plastic Oceans Charity, have 100% plastic free packaging and our co-founder Sophie Awdry takes part in eco events and talks to spread the message further.

Winners are due to be announced at the 'Rebel Beauty' themed Pure Beauty Awards on 24 October in London.

Help us get the beauty industry to notice #plasticfree brands like ours.

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What does ‘Best Special Innovation’ mean?

The Category ‘Best Special Innovation’ is for a new beauty products that have something unique and different about it that make the beauty industry and consumers take notice. Entries include products with a new active ingredient, application or a novel use. Innovation is the lifeblood of the industry so celebrating the new and the special is essential.

Voting closes on the 24th September – Vote, share and tell your friends – let’s spread the Eco Glitter word further into the beauty industry. Support the #reduceplastic and #guiltfreesparkles movement and vote for us!

How to Vote

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4. Go to page 6 – this is where we are ‘Best Special Innovation’

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