festival glitter.

Vegan, Cruelty-free, Bio, Eco, Non plastic Festival Glitter - cosmetic grade which is suitable for hair, face and body.

Born from our love of festivals, Eco Glitter Fun only sells eco friendly biodegradable glitter, which comes in plastic-free packaging.  So you get to sparkle completely guilt-free while soaking up your festival vibes.

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Best glitters for festivals

All our glitters are suitable but we think that blends work really well at festivals, as they are ready mixed in beautiful glitter combinations, so its easy to swoop on and carry around on your festival essentials bag.

Here are some of our best sellers and new blends...
Why not pick a set with a linen bag, perfect for festivals
Purple and silver heart glitter eyes
Festival glitter makeup
Gold disco ball eco glitter
Blonde Electra with purple glitter
Green and blue glitter eyes
Festival glitter makeup
Festival glitter makeup
beard glitter for festivals
Candy floss eco glitter makeup

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