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VeoBio is more than just an online store for ecological toys and educational material, it is an accompaniment for families and schools that want to discover and experiment with toys and educational material, in a sustainable way.

For us, childhood is a vital process in the development as integral and free people. That must be accompanied by listening and respect. We start from the basis that the children need to play. And it is through this game that learning occurs. That is why we believe it is important to offer them materials that meet these learning needs. At VeoBio we are committed to natural materials, which enhance creativity and that it is through experience with them that the child integrates the different pedagogical aspects.

Our catalog consists of toys that meet the highest safety standards. They are made from environmentally sustainable sources, and during their preparation they reduce the environmental impact on the planet as much as possible.

At VeoBio we have Ana, Occupational Therapist, educational, re-educational and therapeutic psychomotrician. That is why we offer personalized advice, listening to the needs of each child and family, and thus being able to offer them the material that can help them the most in their development.

The online store has a carefully selected range of bathroom, household and lifestyle products. They are all helpful for avoiding single use plastics and made by companies that think about sustainability and have an ethical approach.

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