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Two Red Dogs


Here at Two Red Dogs we design and print Hoodies, Tees and lots of other lovely stuff inspired by our beautiful surroundings in Pembrokeshire.

We named the company after our lovely red border collies Tag and Maisie who are sadly no longer with us, we have many fond memories of them causing chaos in our shops and on the beach, and we're sure many of our customers will too!

We still have doggo assistance in our shops from Dylan the collie and Woody the springer spaniel who you can see further down the page!

We are based in Tenby and have recently moved into our lovely new shop on the High Street where you can find our lovely stuff all in one place! Adults and Kids Hoodies, Tees, Hats, Mugs, Bags, Hats, Cushions, Prints along with some books, biodegradable glitter from Eco Glitter Fun, silver jewellery from Lucy Lockets Silver, wooden maps from C Owen Designs and cosy shawls from Fern of Pembrokeshire.

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