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Summer be gone … Halloween come on in

Halloween makeup ideas with Glitter by Eco Glitter Fun

So long, summer

You know it’s true. The heady days of sunshine, BBQs and festivals are well and truly behind you. The winter coat is out, with scarves and gloves not too far behind.

But with that chill in the air comes a frisson of excitement – a different kinda party season is approaching, and with it 101 excuses to glam up with your favourite brand of eco-friendly biodegradable glitter. We kick off in ghoulish style with one of our favourite festivals, Halloween!

Glitter up your Halloween game

These days it seems that wherever in the world you are, the whole Halloween scene becomes more and more exciting each year. The days when it was acceptable to turn out festooned in a bin bag with a spattering of fake blood down your neck are long gone.

With everyone upping their game, it feels a bit harder to do something that looks unique. Cue…. our eco GLITTER.

So what have we got for you? If you haven’t been hiding in your coffin all month you’ll have clocked that we’ve just launched our deliciously rich autumn range of glitters which include rose gold, rich café brown and burnt orange shades.

And if that’s got your pulse racing my friend, step this way…

You see, we found a dark dark passageway, leading to a dark dark stock room, filled with something that will make you DEAD HAPPY.

New & Improved HALLOWEEN Glitter sets!

Yes, you read that right, our Halloween set is back but it’s better than ever – the ultimate tribute to this spooktacular time of year. In our new and improved Halloween set we’ve pulled together our deadliest glitters into one devastatingly decadent collection that simply cannot fail to have heads turning (right off their necks) as you enter the room. Build your look with glitteringly bone-chilling blacks, blood-curdling reds and ghoulish greens…

Halloween eco glitter set rom Eco Glitter Fun

The Halloween glitter set includes rojo standard (blood red), golden disco ball (gold), bela chunky (ghost white), verde standard (haunted forest green), amethyst standard (witchy purple) and nero standard (gory black), plus our vegan aloe vera gel, a bamboo brush. Choose from a linen bag or boxed kit. FYI – Spiders are not included.

Eco Glitter in orange, purple, black, white and green from the Eco Glitter Fun halloween set of glitter

With our Halloween set of eco glitter at our side you can go forth and create your masterpieces.

Make sure you share your killer looks with us, using the #ecoglitterfun and we can share it on our story and some may make it on to our Instagram profile!

Halloween Glitter Makeup Ideas 2019

We think the hour is nigh to resurrect some of favourite Eco Glitter Fun Halloween looks from the past and take a look at what our favourite make-up artists and fan influencers are doing with their looks this year…

Here are some of our past Halloween makeup looks – White Witch, Day of The Dead, Dark Fallen Angel, Spooky Circus plus more…

We trust that this gives you some food for frightful thought…

See you on the other side …


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