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Halloween 2021 is coming, and it's covered in goblin glitter.

Spooky season has arrived, and I don't know about you, but we can't wait to get our glitter on. We love glitter makeup looks all through the year, but there is just something extra special about combining sparkles with spooky. This year we are launching a brand new goblin spice bio glitter blend, check it out below. We can't wait to see what you all create with this spine-tingling combination.

New goblin spice Halloween glitter blend

Our new goblin spice bioglitter blend is a gruesome combination of our orange brûlée uber, purple amethyst uber and standard, violet violetta super chunky and white bela bio glitters. We think it's deviously delightful. Get your creepy claws on our goblin spice blend now.

2021 Halloween makeup looks to die for

To get your blood-curdling and your spine-tingling, check out (below) some of our past Halloween glitter makeup looks sprinkled with our gorgeous eco glitter. We hope it inspires you to create your own spook-tacular looks this year. Remember to tag us in your looks on the socials - there is nothing we love more than seeing your glitter skills in full flow.

Dark Fallen Angel Halloween Glitter Make up

Our black nero bio glitter doesn't get enough credit. Our model Amber Smith still leaves us speechless years later. Such an intensifying but simple glitter look. This Dark Fallen Angel Halloween Glitter makeup look is one to remember.

Day of the Dead Makeup (Día de los Muertos)

Day of the dead makeup delivers a different vibe, it's mysterious, delicate, and gruesome all in one. Our model Hayley Leggs showcases this beautiful look perfectly. To create the look we used red and black glitter, our rojo standard and nero standard glitter. A deadly combination. Read more about our Day of the Dead makeup look.

Out of this world

Hayley McCourt created these looks and they definately live up to their name..... they are out of this world. Hayley's talent is endless. To intensify this alien-inspired Halloween look, Hayley used our colourful glitter blend merry-go-round bio glitter. We think this proves how badly your Halloween looks need a dash of Eco Glitter Fun.

Pumpkin peril

Chuck always has us on the edge of our seats with her looks. She goes above and beyond no matter the occasion, and this is no different. For her Pumpkin Peril Halloween look she used our black nero bio glitter and a touch of our green verde bio glitter. O'range you just pumped for Halloween?!

Remember, our glitter is also great for crafts...

Throwback to our 2017 and 2018 glitter pumpkins. We can't believe there are people out there that don't use glitter on their pumpkins, definitely a Halloween must. It's become a bit of a tradition at Eco Glitter HQ, so we will have a 2021 version coming your way. Whether it'll be adorable or scary, well we just can't say.

Sparkle bright this Halloween

You know we have you covered when it comes to all your guilt-free sparkle needs, so check out our Halloween Eco Glitter Fun shop here. We have all the eco glitter you need for your Halloween looks 2021. So get your order in now and add some sparkle to your scariest or cutest Halloween 2021 looks.

Look BOO-TIFUL with our Halloween eco glitter!


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