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Eco Glitter Fun does Glastonbury 2019 in guilt-free style

Eco Glitter funs' Festival Glitter Stall at Glastonbury 2019
Eco Glitter Fun stall at Glastonbury 2019. Come get your guilt-free sparkles on baby!

At Glastonbury this year?

Yay! So are we. Here's all you need to know in terms of getting your guilt-free sparkle on with Eco Glitter Fun. Follow us on instagram to keep up with our Glastonbury adventures!

Where we will be

We are on a stall in between the Glade, Leftfield and West Holts... check the map below. We are where the rainbow is.

What we have on the stand

  • Glitter makeup - Eco Glitter makeup Artists - ready to adorn your body parts with our delicious biodegradable glitter.

  • BUY Glitter on the stand - We have various shades and blends of our biodegradable glitter for sale on the stand, in tins (no glass allowed on site).

  • BUY Glitter Application Gel - We have a limited number of our aloe vera glitter application gel, so if you run out, come and get some.

  • Eco Glitter Paper Fans - we have some of our 'sell-out' fans on the stall, so keep cool and buy one before they go.

  • Our friendly Eco Glitter Fun team - on hand to deliver guilt-free sparkles and a giggle. They are not for sale, but you never know... name your price ;)

Want Eco Glitter Fun at your next Festival?



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