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Bowie bolt frenzy at Decca Records’ 90th birthday bash

Sophie Awdry, Eco Glitter Funs Co-Founder and Head Glitter Artists, delivering the guilt-free sparkles at Deccas 90th Birthday Bash
Sophie Awdry, Eco Glitter Funs Co-Founder and Head Glitter Artists, delivering the guilt-free sparkles at Deccas 90th Birthday Bash

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of covering bodies with guilt-free eco glitter at legendary British record label Decca’s 90th anniversary bash!

We nearly popped with excitement when we got invited to set up our glitter bar at Decca’s 90th anniversary party by ‘We Are Lavish’, iconic event design experts and lovers of our biodegradable eco glitter.

Hosted by London’s V&A Museum – the world’s leading museum for art and design, the celebrations took place on Sunday 5th May and included a full day of live performances plus screenings of David Bowie videos, displays of rare memorabilia, LOUD children’s workshops, and a pop-up display charting the story of Decca's star-studded history.

Who is DECCA?

When it comes to music industry giants, they don’t come much bigger than Decca Records. They label states that they are all about artists “who do things differently, distinctively, excellently, defiantly” – which is an ethos we can totally get behind! Home to all-time greats Billie Holiday, David Bowie, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Tom Jones, not to mention Grammy Award Best New Artist nominees, the Lumineers, Decca has been ripping up the rule book with avant-garde artists since your Great Granny’s first night out. So, we were sooooo looking forward to Decca 90!

On the day …

We packed up our glitter artist kit with all our favourite blends of bio glitter including our recently launched ‘Studio 54 Glitter Blend’.

We arrived, we set up our glitter bar … and Decca 90, you did not disappoint!

With an incredible playlist of some of the best music in almost a century, the event was buzzing!

First spot was Sheku Kanneh-Mason, the jaw-droppingly talented cellist who played at Meghan and Harry’s 2018 summer wedding, reminding us that Decca’s classical credentials are just as impressive as their rock ones.

Then it began, the first person requested a ‘David Bowie lightning bolt’ in glitter. The seal had been broken and we did so many, that we lost count! Bowie bolts were being requested thick and fast! The man himself would have been proud.

Check out some pics form the event below.

But what does the Bowie bolt represent? We discussed this at the party, so we looked into it a bit more…

What’s the story behind the iconic David Bowie lightning bolt?

So what made Bowie emblazon his face with a giant multi-coloured lightning bolt for the cover of his 1987 Aladdin Sane album… just at the time when most of his contemporaries were in comparatively somber denim and black leather (and precious-little make up)! When interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine about the thought behind the now iconic lightning bolt, Bowie revealed that it was a statement rooted in rebellion, reflecting the “electric” nature of his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, and in his words ‘playing up’ the gender-bending look of his artistry, simply because doing so “was the most rebellious thing happening at the time.”

So what’s the 2019 equivalent?

In today’s more liberal world, where we’re all so conscious of looking good in the next selfie - perhaps the most genuinely defiant thing we can do is to demand that the products we use to make our personal image statements aren’t damaging the world around us.

Perhaps that’s why so many of us are now turning our backs on disposable fashion and single-use beauty adornments that look great on a gram feed, but clog our oceans and beaches with toxic plastic.

And so we like to think there’s more than a wee rebellious streak in us here at Eco Glitter Fun HQ!

…And definitely a liberal sprinkling of the same among the many eclectic revellers we met at Decca’s V&A event.

Happy 90th birthday Decca!

Long may we all celebrate those who do things differently, distinctively, excellently, defiantly, KINDLY, and with a healthy dose of guilt-free sparkle!

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