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Christmas craft ideas from Eco Glitter Fun

Christmas craft glitter sets from eco glitter fun

Christmas time is one of the most sparkly times of the year, apart from festival season, it might just be one of our favourites. So it’s with great pleasure that we present you lovely people with our 2019 guide on how to use our vegan, eco-friendly, plastic free glitter in your Christmas crafts and handmade gifts.

Not only is our cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter perfect for splashing over our bodies, but it’s also suitable for use in crafts. This means that you can spread the sparkly love even further without feeling guilty about horrible plastic waste going down the sink.

Check out our handy guide on everything Christmassy and Crafty!

What Christmas crafts can you make with Eco Glitter Fun craft sets?

In some ways, the only limit is your imagination! But here’s some ideas to get your creative sparkly thoughts flowing:

  1. Christmas cards

  2. Christmas tree decorations

  3. Wrapping paper

  4. Tags

  5. Handmade gifts

  6. Table decorations

  7. Flower arrangements

  8. Snow globes

  9. Meditation/mind jars

  10. Soap

  11. Candles

We let some of our Eco Glitter Fun family loose with our new Eco Glitter Fun Craft Glitter sets this year and the results were sparkly. They had so much fun and created masterpieces, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Thank you Lucy and Alex for your fabulous creative sparkly Christmas crafts!

We also put together some FAQs about using our eco glitter for crafts.

What craft glue is best to use for glitter?

You can use any type of crafting glue but we like Onyx & Green Plant Based Liquid Glue. It’s non-toxic and they utilise recycled, plant-based, renewable, and sustainably harvested materials. So a big thumbs up from us!

What glitter is used in the Eco Glitter Fun craft glitter set?

Our craft glitter sets contain our vegan, cruelty free, cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter, so its suitable for face, body and arts and crafts. It’s made from a compostable film, it's non-toxic, free of heavy metals, sustainably sourced. Read more about our biodegradable glitter.

Is it safe for children?

Yes it is safe for children but we do suggest that children are supervised while using the eco glitter. It’s cosmetic grade glitter, non-toxic, vegan and made from a certified compostable film and adheres to European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) standards. Read more about our vegan eco glitter.

Will it disappear in glue and water?

It won’t disappear in water or glue whilst you’re creating your masterpiece, but it will biodegrade over time once it hits the eco system ie: when its flushed down the sink, thrown in the bin and starts the process of degrading in our eco system.

Does it satisfy European Toy standards?

Yes, our biodegradable glitter meets European standards for flammability and migration of elements.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab an Eco Glitter Fun Craft Glitter set and add that extra ‘guilt-free’ sparkle to your handmade Christmas cards, decorations and gifts.


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