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Calling all Summer Festival Lovers & Organisers - let’s go Eco!

Yay! You’re here because you want to help reduce single use plastics from the world by moving to biodegradable eco glitter for your next event or festival. The ban on plastic glitter is spreading throughout the world, especially at festivals and events, which means our bio glitter is in huge demand. Join the rest of the eco conscious citizens of Mother Earth and make the switch from plastic to bio, today. Our Eco Glitter is made from a compostable cellulose film and it’s all bottled up and waiting for you to sprinkle guilt-free at your next event. Change now and unleash your inner eco glitterati this summer. So how can you make the move to Eco Glitter this year? Running a Festival/Event? Your guests will LOVE making the switch to Eco Glitter because it’s softer on the skin than plastic and doesn’t harm the planet. Plastic glitter never disappears and can end up in the tummies of our beautiful sea life and also back into our food chain. No one wants that … Our certified eco glitter starts to biodegrade when it hits the eco system, so is completely environmentally safe. So make sure all those glitter bums, braids and other body parts get the softer sparkly touch this year and beyond. Working with MUA’s?

Make sure they are using eco glitter – we do special discounts for MUA’s so they can get in touch and we can supply the glitz. Hosting a Glitter stall/Bar

You can hire us! We have great experience of running fun and professional glitter bars at festivals hosted by gorgeous glitter artists. You can be 100% sure everything we use is eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Boost awareness with a joint Collaboration?

Working with an eco-conscious brand, you can boost the appeal of your event and also communicate your commitment to reducing plastics form the world. Whatever it is – make sure you choose right and if it’s us, then we would love to be a part of your quest to becoming more eco-conscious. Work with us | Hire us | Contact us Going to a Festival? That’s simple - Check out our range of eco glitter colours, blends and sets - PERFECT for you eco-angels to achieve the sparkle you deserve this summer. Stock up on our lovely new blends while they last!

Spread the word!

Let's get everyone going Eco this year - share, like, tag your mates in this facebook post.



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